10 Tiny Home Interior Ideas to Help Complete Your Space

When going tiny, you will be opting for a smaller space, but there are endless possibilities for your tiny home interior. Tiny home interiors vary depending on the dweller's lifestyle, whether you’re living in Austin, TX, Portland, OR, or anywhere in between. But three key elements - minimalism, sustainability, and multi-functionality - must be incorporated into the interior space for a better overall experience. And most importantly, your tiny home interior should be a space that suits your daily activities. To help you get started, we’ve reached out to tiny house experts across the country for their best advice. Here are ten tiny home interior ideas to help complete your space.

1. First things first, consider your daily activities

The best way to determine your tiny home interior needs is to make a list of your daily activities. Do you work out, need office space, or entertain people often? Determine what activities are essential to your routine, then brainstorm if any are adaptable to your tiny home interior and how. It’s vital to accomplish your necessary daily activities with minimal interruption. 

Going tiny means you will be downsizing to a 600 square foot space or smaller if you’re sticking to the true tiny home ideals - some modern tiny home interiors will be around 1,000 square feet. Either way, you’ll need to learn to navigate your new tiny home. Mike from Container Home Hub says, “it's important to build your tiny home to resemble your current living situation. We highly recommend understanding that your lifestyle will change in a real way. I thought I'd be able to do everything that I used to do, but I had to change many aspects of my life to fit my new living situation. Some good changes, some not as good, but it's something to be aware of.”

2. Tiny home interior means multifunctional spaces 

Once you’ve identified all the spaces you will need in your tiny home, start thinking about making them work together. Creating multifunctional spaces under 1,000 square feet is challenging and takes time, but it’s critical to your tiny home interior and will make your home look and feel larger. 

Multifunctional tiny home 

You can work with professionals on how to create a multifunctional layout. If you consider a long-term tiny home, think about how these spaces can grow with you and your future. For example, Stephanie Richards from Golley Houses says, “Design your tiny home to be multi-functional. Consider both your immediate needs and how you may use the space in the future. What may be a homeschool room or home office now may turn into a rental property or a guest house in the future. Some basic living requirements include a bathroom, a living space, and a kitchen.” 

Multifunctional on the road 

If you take your tiny house experience on the road, you should still implement the multifunctional aspect of tiny house living. Luna from SUNNY + LUNA LIVING says, “When living tiny in a van, everything needs to be multifunctional and have a dedicated space. For example, swivel seats to our front two chairs that can rotate and function as an office space. We also designed our queen-sized bed to convert into a five-person dining table. Velcro is an essential item needed when living van-life - it's a must to keep everything secure before driving”. 

3. Tiny home layout

Get creative with your tiny home layout. Jason from Tiny House Market says, “designing your perfect tiny house floor plan is a balancing act between your budget, space, and time. Think carefully about where you will spend most of your time in the tiny home and allocate square footage and budget to these areas. Don't fall into thinking about a floor plan in the traditional large home type of way. Small home floor plans should reflect your lifestyle, emphasizing function and comfort where you’ll spend most of your time”.

In addition to your thought-out layout, you’ll need ample storage space hidden in your tiny home interior. Irena from Irena Sophia Fine Art & Illustrations says, “an essential part of making a small space work is storage - that means you will need to get creative. The ceiling, the floor, under the stairs, under the bed, every nook and cranny you can think of - make it storage.” You want free uncluttered living spaces. Anything in your walkways or spaces that isn’t essential will feel like clutter and impact how you maneuver your space.

4. Tiny home interior for families

Yes, families can go tiny. Although it might seem unrealistic, there are positives to going tiny with your family. Living in a tiny home with your family can bring you closer together, giving you financial freedom and more leisure time. Keep in mind it’s essential to consider how many people will be living in your tiny home and downsize accordingly. 

Expert tiny house builders are building with families in mind. For example, Victoria Svanikier, founder of Dust, says, “tiny living with children is challenging, but it’s a great way to save money, teach your kids about budgeting and eco-friendly living. Be practical with your home interior and invest in outdoor space, which extends the interior living space. Adding ample outdoor space will allow you to invest in a storage shed helping you declutter and store.” 

Families can enjoy this lifestyle with the proper downsizing and thought-out spaces. There’s a lot to learn when maneuvering this new lifestyle, but it’s not impossible. Only keep in your home what you need - you can always build or rent an additional storage space outside the home. Strictly apply the multifunctional spaces, furniture, items, and the minimalist lifestyle to increase your families' comfort in a tiny home.

5. Tiny home interior kitchen downsizing 

Food is an essential part of our daily lives. Many tiny home dwellers talk about the changes you can expect when it comes to cooking, storing, and buying food. Food tends to take up a lot of space in our homes and is hard to downsize because it is a necessity. But with time, you’ll master this skill. 

Food storage 

An exciting perspective to solve your food storage from a sustainable perspective comes from Michelle of the Global Climate Pledge, “going vegan or vegetarian is ideal for tiny house living. Fruit and vegetables require less refrigeration than meat products. Also, it allows the homeowner to shop less often, save money, and provides a healthier lifestyle overall. In addition, planting your garden provides a bountiful "grocery store" right outside your tiny house. This also helps expand your access to more fresh food items that usually take up storage space.” This could take your tiny house living experience to the next level. Many tiny house dwellers opt to start growing their food - which is a great accomplishment. 

Multipurpose kitchen items 

Not everyone is excited to change their eating habits, but one thing you can still do is buy multipurpose kitchen items. Zeenat Siman from Firefly Bridge Organize says, “become an essentialist in your tiny home’s kitchen - you’ll need to learn to keep what is essential to prep your meals. For example, three high-quality prep knives - a small paring knife, a larger multi-use chef’s knife, and if you’re a bread-lover (like me), a serrated knife. Store them on the wall using a magnetic knife holder - this simplifies meal prep and clean-up.” Additionally, Uli Phillips from Neat4ever agrees with multipurpose kitchen utensils saying, "invest in double-duty kitchen utensils that fold so that they can be stored in tiny places. Nowadays, there is quite a bit to choose from – there are foldable dish racks, salad spinners, tea kettles, even LED lamps. Look for double-duty items like a colander and steamer in one." 

6. Tiny home interior ideas for pet owners 

Of course, if you move into a tiny house, pets come along for the journey. If you are moving into a tiny home with big or small pets, it’s not impossible. Here are a few tips to help you and your pets feel more at home. 

Designated nooks for sleeping, eating, and storing 

Creating a designated area for your animal will keep things tidier. Consider what your pet needs and establish a space for it. Some basics would include a play area, sleep space, food, water space, or a cleanup space. You can get very creative with your pet's areas. 

Flooring suited for animals 

As you know, animals can be messy. Think about the type of floor in your tiny home. Opt for something easy to clean. Animals will be additional foot traffic - you want to be able to quickly clean up after messes made or dragged in from outside. 

7. Tiny home interior for nature lovers  

Nature will become a part of your everyday life when living in a tiny home. There are many creative ways to mesh your outside and inside activities- especially if you are interested in an off-grid or rural tiny house location. 

Interior that includes nature 

Some additions to your interior space to embrace nature are skylights, garage doors, large windows, and decorating with plants. Steve from Big Calm says, “one of the most important aspects of your tiny house to consider isn't the house itself - it's its location and the space around it. Having great, natural, enjoyable surroundings and amenities makes tiny living truly different and special. Pro-builders will find clever ways to use space - add eco elements to an already low-footprint dwelling.” Tiny homes are all about nature - reducing your ecological footprint, living sustainably, and spending more time outdoors. Additionally, an outdoor space will increase your square footage and is ideal for people who still want to entertain. 

Eco-friendly designs

David from Ecoamet Solutions says, “be mindful of materials you use in finishing, and interior design, as some products turn to emit harmful chemicals which might be prominent in tiny spaces. Go for sustainable and nature-based options such as waste segregation and composting -; consider gardening, biogas, etc. Depending on your location, consider harvesting rainwater for utility and a simple vertical system with aggregates of sand and gravel (mini constructed wetland) to filter wastewater before discharging.”

8. The importance of interior light 

Pay attention to your home's lighting. Ample natural light during the day is ideal to use less energy and create a cozy vibe. Consider what direction your home will be facing and what direction the sun will hit. Interior light matters -  using natural light efficiently and smart bulbs properly placed will make all the difference. Marjolein from Tiny Findy says, “pay a lot of attention to the light. Incorporate light from above, from skylights, and a high ceiling. Also, use electric lighting to light up the corners of your tiny house at night - this will make it look bigger. Ask an expert and create a lighting plan for your house. You won’t regret making the expenses. It is an art.” 

9. Minimalist tiny home interior 

If you want to fully appreciate the tiny home interior, you’ll incorporate the minimalist values into your home. Implementing this lifestyle into your routine will ensure you have the best tiny home interior. Harry from Tiny House Ideas says, "when living tiny, you need to balance your wants and needs by examining what is necessary. Embracing the lifestyle is so important as it will allow you to free up time, space, and energy to focus on things more important to you.” 

You don’t want to clutter rooms and pathways when every inch of space counts - learning this skill will ensure feng shui in your tiny home. Here is a helpful tip for decluttering your space. Meg, a digital creator & lifestyle blogger, says, “for every object that comes into your home, take one thing out! It helps clutter from building up.” 

The initial downsizing may be challenging, and it’s not a one-time thing. Decluttering is a skill you’ll continue to use while living in a tiny home. Sarah Bartol, owner Simplify Curate says, “simplify your possessions regularly to help keep your tiny home stress free, uncluttered, and organized. Establish an area in a closet with a designated container to house the items you no longer wish to keep. Then donate, gift, or sell those items when your container is full.” You should always look for ways to live more minimally to free up space in your home. 

10. Go custom, where you can 

Working with expert builders can help to elevate your space and help create a safe, reliable, and aesthetic vision. Do some shopping around to find a builder that’s in your budget and can bring your tiny house interior to life. Camile from Tru Form Tiny talks about why going custom can pay off, saying, “go custom where you can. Custom touches inside a tiny home create an heirloom product that will last and is unique to your vision. Tiny homes allow you to add finer finishes you'd otherwise have to cut out to save money in a traditional residence. Going custom also allows you to add storage, such as storage seating built-in nooks, storage dining seating, and built-in shelving to make the most out of every inch when going minimal.”

Keep these final things in mind for your tiny home interior

Remember your tiny home can be just as functional as a regular home. It’s not how big your home is, it’s how you use your space. Karlee Patton from Stack Homes says, “if you choose to live in a tiny house, chances are you’re comfortable thinking outside the box, so bring that same creative thinking to your relationship with your stuff. Can you do away with clutter that tends to weigh you down? How might you free up space to focus on objects that have meaningful stories and functional purposes in your life?” 

In a tiny home, you use your space wisely, which will aid you in your journey of minimalist living. A minimalist layout will be multifunctional and only have needed spaces. Your tiny home interior must reflect the needs of your everyday life for minimal interruptions. The most crucial aspect of your tiny home is that it’s your new home. Alex from Aussie Tiny House says, “when designing a tiny house, the most important word to keep in mind is ‘home.’ Most people think about downsizing, but they often forget that in the end, it has to be a house that feels like home, not only a practical or minimal space.”

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Gift Ideas for a Daughter (21 Ideas for Every Stage in Life)

Love, unconditional support and inspiration – these are, of course, the best gifts you can give your daughter. Nevertheless, sometimes you have to show your appreciation with another kind of gift – a materialistic one. Every generation of girls has a different taste, different wishes and needs. So, think carefully, what does your daughter want for her birthday? Is it a piece of jewelry or a bicycle? It really comes down to her age, free time activities and long-term wishes. 

Not sure what to buy? Don' worry! I've made a list of gifts for every stage of your daughter’s life, both affordable and some more expensive ones. Get inspired and start shopping!

Gift ideas for 3-year-old daughter

1. Hula hoop

Hula hoops are toys known around the world for being amusing and fun for children and adults. Little girls adore this piece of equipment because they practice their abilities and improve their dexterity. Additionally, it is something both you the parent and your child can enjoy spending quality time with. Hula hoops come in many colors and sizes, so play around with your choice. So, if you are looking for a birthdays gift for a 3-year-old daughter, a hula hoop might just do the trick.

2. Dolls

If you are looking for a gift for a 3-year-old daughter, consider buying a doll. Dolls are every girl's most beloved toy, from when they begin to understand toys to when they're probably too big for them. They comb their hair, buy different dresses and uniforms, play with them and carry the dolls everywhere they go. In some ways, little girls identify themselves with these dolls. The best thing about buying a doll is their clothes are interchangeable, so you're set up with gift ideas for the next few occasions, too.


3. Bicycles

They say riding a bicycle is something you never forget, so make the memories of learning how to ride one something your daughter will treasure forever. You can create so many happy and exciting memories and stories with your little girl and the bicycle of her dreams. If you decide on a pink one with a basket in front, a big hug is guaranteed, trust me.

Gift ideas for 6-year-old daughter

4. Board games

Board games are fun designed for several players at once, so this is a present for the whole family. If you are looking for a gift idea for a 6-year-old daughter, this might be the perfect one. Choose something you never played before, so everyone has an equal chance of winning.

5. Make your own jewelry set

DIY presents are a unique gift for your daughter. A make-your-own jewelry set is a great way for awakening creativity and a fun way to spend time together. She can make all sorts of necklaces and bracelets just for the two of you. Remember, the more colorful the better.

6. Roller blades

Similar to bicycles, roller blades are something little girls simply adore. Your daughter will enjoy skating around town in her favorite roller blades. If you choose them as a Christmas gift for a 6-year-old daughter, it'll be a Christmas morning smile is something you'll never forget.

Gift ideas for 13-year-old daughter

7. Reusable water bottle

When your daughter turns 13, she will already be a young teenager looking for some alone time or more time with her friends. That means trips and picnics, excursions and gatherings. Buying a reusable water bottle as a gift for a 13-year-old daughter is a great idea. It's both useful and creative gift. Think about choosing the one with a time marker, so your daughter will be reminded to drink her daily dose of water. On the other hand, if you are searching for a first communion gift for your daughter, then you should go for a higher quality water bottle made of stainless steel that's vacuum insulated.


8. Back-pack

Every once in a while, you might consider taking your children on a fun family trip to go sightseeing or exploring the great outdoors. This means you'll need for a handy back-pack for the adventure essentials, so choosing one with a few pockets will do trick. Of course, since you're shopping for a 13-year-old, maybe include a fun pattern or a cool color.

9. Sneakers

If you are lacking a Christmas gift idea for your teenage daughter, I've got you covered. Most girls wear sneakers every day to school, gym class, gatherings with friends or any other every-day activity. Think about her style and what she'd like to wear so you can pick the perfect sneakers for your 13-year-old. She will definitely make good use of them and enjoy her new shoes.

Gift ideas for18-year-old daughter

10. Make-up brush set

If you're preparing a sweet 16 birthday party for your little girl or an 18-year-old's elegant birthday celebration, I suggest you think about buying a make-up brush set. Your daughter is probably already wearing make-up, so this present will not only show that you support her sense of style and expression, but also help her change her old brush set with a shiny new one.

11. Polaroid camera

Polaroid cameras have been incredibly popular in recent years. You snap a photo and right away the camera prints it out in an iconic polaroid frame. These photos last for years and can create countless memories. It's the perfect gift idea for a 16-year-old or 18-year-old daughter.

12. Shopping spree

Being a father of an 18-year-old is a tough job, but being a father of an 18-year-old girl is even more challenging. To make this a little bit easier for you, I suggest you take her for on shopping spree. Set a budget and let her pick her own clothes while enjoying spending a whole afternoon together. Your daughter will be thankful for the gift and grateful for the time you spent together. It is a perfect gift for a daughter from her dad. 

21st birthday gift ideas for a daughter

13. Books

Loving to read is definitely a superpower. No matter the age, reading a good book is always fun. You can pick a book about your daughter's hobbies or one that based on her favorite movie. Also, consider finding a romantic book or a crime novel. One gift idea, unlimited opportunities. 

14. Gift card

Stuck on finding a specific gifts idea? Go for a gift card from her favorite store. No present says, “I want you to have what you need,” like a gift card. You might think it'll come across like a last minute gift, but it is actually a sensible and useful present.

15. Air pods

If you are in search for father daughter gift ideas, this is a great one. Headphones are a must have for anyone with a smart phone these days (especially your daughter as she listens to her favorite music). While traditional wired headphones get tangled up easily, we now have wireless air pods. Make your daughter's everyday life easier with a set of new, noise cancelling, touch control in-ear air pods. This will make her 21st birthday an even more exciting celebration.

Graduation gift ideas for a daughter

16. Watches

Diamond, gold, smart, stainless steel or analog – whichever watch you decide on buying as a college graduation gift for your daughter, it will definitely be special, sentimental and precious. As a sweet tribute to her college years, get the date and place engraved on the back of the watch, so she can treasure the memories forever.

17. Diamond earrings

Congratulate your daughter on her graduation day with round-cut diamond stud earrings and she will never forget it. You want this precious gift to symbolize the effort she has put into finishing college, but also the amount of pride you feel. Sometimes an expensive piece of jewelry is just the perfect gift for the occasion.

18. Laptop

If you have a high school graduate who is about to start college, buying a laptop as a high school graduation gift for your daughter is not only a generous gift, but also an investment for her future. She will make use of it in all her new educational challenges and opportunities.

Wedding gifts for daughter

19. Personalized Couple Portrait

Last, but not least, you need to pick a perfect gift for your daughter’s wedding day. Is there anything more special and astonishing than a personalized present, made just for her? Before she enters her new life with her loved one, surprise her with unique and magnificent personalized wall art. Also, this may be a perfect gift for the first mother’s day for your daughter, or a gift for your pregnant daughter. She will never forget this thoughtful and unusual gift.

20. Bracelets

When it comes to jewelry gifts, every occasion demands a different piece, so consider buying a designer bracelet as a wedding gift. Furthermore, a bracelet is a beautiful engagement or wedding anniversary gift. Mother-to-daughter wedding gift idea approved!

21. Suitcase set

New beginnings call for new accessories. Some might not consider suitcases accessories, if you choose the ones with a special engraving or a fashionable print, they may as well be. For your adult daughter - someone who travels often and likes to pack as much as possible, a suitcase set is a delightful and appropriate gift.

What are good gifts for a daughter from dad or mom?

No matter the occasion, choosing a gift for your daughter can be a difficult, but rewarding task. If you choose well and surprise your daughter with something she's wanted a long time, you'll have her gratitude. 

Of course, if you are a father, then picking a present for a daughter is even more challenging- guessing her style, wishes and needs may be the hardest challenge yet. Nevertheless, stay focused on the goal and keep these gift ideas list close at hand. I'm sure she'll love them.

20 Awesome Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend Or Wife

Showing love and appreciation shaped in a present is not an easy task. To show your wife or your girlfriend how much you appreciate her and everything she does for you, it would be advisable to avoid simple gifts that seem like you picked them last minute. Even though you may have just googled instead of thinking the gift through, we prepared a list of gifts that give an impression of effort and thoughtfulness.  

Whether it is Christmas morning, a birthday party or just a Tuesday, we will help you show off your gift giving skills with our tips and tricks.

We prepared a list of cute, thoughtful and unique presents for every opportunity and gift giving situation. Impress her with a present that suits her personality, her habits and needs.

You can go with a simple cute gift that may fit her personality or a classic one that can make anybody happy. But, if you truly mean to dazzle her, get her a unique gift that shows your girlfriend or wife just how good of a listener you are. 

If you are looking for a gift idea for your girlfriend or wife, look no more.

5 Birthday Gift Ideas

Birthday's are special occasions that only come once a year, so make them count! These gift ideas will leave a lasting (good great) impression

Golden Watch

A watch is a fashionable accessory and a useful device at the same time. It can be used to lift a new piece of clothing or used as every day instrument. Also, as many women love classical analog watches, some modern women love digital watches that can track her heartbeat and even connect her calls. Without a doubt, your wife's face will definitely light up when you give her a valuable gift of a golden watch as a symbol of your love and loyalty. There is no better “I love you” gift idea than this.

Charm Bracelet

Today, so many Millennial women buy jewelry for themselves, but there is a certain charm in getting jewelry as a present, especially if it is a charm bracelet. It shows your wife or girlfriend you really care about her, because it is a very thoughtful gift. A charm bracelet is a simple silver or gold bracelet with different pendants that can symbolize some of your favorite places or memories (such as trip to Paris or your joint love for cats). This kind of present can be a cute birthday gift idea for a teenage girlfriend or even a gift idea for a long distance girlfriend, served as a token of your true feelings.

Favorite Perfume

Every woman has a signature fragrance, so choosing this present will be a piece of cake for you. All you have to do is find out what her favorite scent is and amaze her with a precious gift in a signature wrapping that will have her feel magical. Furthermore, if you have a picky girlfriend, this can be the perfect gift idea because you are buying a present she already loves and uses.

Everybody loves coffee. So, why not facilitate your wife or girlfriend's life and turn her kitchen into first class espresso bar, with the help of technology? Not only will she be grateful for making her daily coffee preparations easier, but also for providing such a perfect coffee taste on a daily basis.

Fun Board game

Last, but not least, we suggest buying a board game as an interesting and funny birthday present. If your wife or girlfriend is a fun loving person, then what other way to show her that you love spending time with her than with an uncommon, but nevertheless, a wonderful gift. Board games are designed to connect people on different levels, but also just to have a great time.

5 Valentine Day Gift Ideas

How about gifting her something that isn't the same old romantic cliché? These next ideas are perfect for showing her that you care about her wellbeing and personal progress.

Course Subscription

There is no better way to support your wife's ambitions than to surprise her with a payed course or Masterclass subscription of her choice. It can be cooking lessons from Jamie Oliver or an online sewing class she always wanted to enroll. This kind of present will make her feel appreciated, not just at Valentine’s day, but the whole year. Show her your support and encouragement and her gratitude will be priceless.

Wall Art Print

In case you are looking for a special romantic gift for your girlfriend for Valentine’s day, you should consider ordering her a personalized wall print. It can be a representation of how you see her or a caricature of her favorite animal or spirit animal. Free your imagination and surprise her with a marvelous print she can decorate her wall with and look at it every time she misses you. This may also serve as a beautiful graduation gift idea for your girlfriend.

Personal Planner

Another special way to support your wife's new business and ambitions is to buy her a personalized planner. The planner can help her organize her thoughts and plans, but also to help her achieve her goals every day. Apart for being helpful, this beautiful gift will definitely inspire your wife.

Love story book

For most people, it is really hard to express their feelings in words. What better to use in these kind of situations than words of a poet? One of the most romantic Valentine’s day gifts for a girlfriend or wife is definitely a love story book or love poems book. If you want to put in extra effort, read the book yourself and pick one poem that reminds you of your love story and then share it with your loved one.

Relationship Memories Scrapbook

Obviously, if you are the type of people who keeps every concert ticket and collects every note, then making a relationship memories scrapbook can be the cutest, most emotional homemade Valentine’s day gift ever. This scrapbook will be a cherished memory for you two to keep. It can be an affordable, but also romantic and crafty present.

5 Anniversary Gift Ideas

Looking for gifts that celebrate your relationship milestones? Whether it's a 1st year anniversary or a 50 year anniversary, she'll love every one of these!

Designer Sunglasses

Make her feel glamorous wearing a new pair of designer sunglasses. Depending on her style, choose a cat eye shape or a retro type, something that works for any occasion and outfit. These sunglasses will without a doubt be a precious and astonishing gesture.

Luxury Bathrobe

Cotton, furry, warm, cozy, silky, fleece, soft, sexy... these words have one thing in common – they describe the most worn piece of clothes at home. A bathrobe. Some people sleep in it, other people work or cook in it. Nevertheless, you can't go wrong with a bathrobe, as a cute gift for an anniversary. P.S. adding luxury to the list won't hurt.

Special Bottle of Alcohol

Many women enjoy a glass or two of alcohol during lunch or in the evening while relaxing. If your wife or girlfriend is a wine lover, surprise her with a special bottle of Rose or, if she enjoys stronger drinks, grab her s cherry liqueur. You can both relish in it as you remember your first anniversary or your first date on your first anniversary together. Besides, what more can she ask for, right?

Matching pajamas

This year it is all about comfort and matching pajamas can be a perfect addition to your late night movie marathons. Show your wife that you mean business when it comes to spending quality time together and invest in cute matching pajamas with her favorite cartoon character. Also a nice idea for a holiday gift.

Flowers and chocolates

The absolutely all times favorite presents are flowers and chocolates. No matter what kind of a woman your girlfriend or wife is, if you want to make sure you bought the right thing, order her favorite flowers and buy some delicious chocolates. This is definitely a proven method of making your loved one happy. Also, can be a good gift idea for a new girlfriend.

5 Christmas Gift Ideas

Need inspiration for what to buy her during the most wonderful time of the year? Look no further!

Electric Massager

Even though you probably treat your girlfriend to one of your special massages, an electric one can help you both – it will help your beloved girlfriend relieve tension from her body and help you to relax at the same time.

Fashionable Fitness Bag

If your girl is one of the fitness enthusiasts, then set her up with a fancy, yet practical fitness bag. She will take it with her every time she goes to the gym, so make sure it is useful and fashionable, at the same time. Pick one crafted to suit her needs and she will not need another one for years. Gym sacks, backpacks, duffels...that is completely your choice.

Red Wallet

If you are looking for a creative Christmas gift idea, this is it. There is a saying that a red wallet can bring you luck and fortune. Picture that as a gift under the Christmas tree! Surprise your wife or girlfriend with a statement leather red wallet and make this Christmas morning unforgettable.

Me Time Set

To show her how much you value her effort and her as a person, buy her a luxurious self-care set which includes facial cleansing and nourishing products. If you are aiming for total relaxation, go with a whole body set. Extra points go for organic and natural cosmetics.

Awesome Printed T-shirt

Looking for a fun and creative gift for Christmas? An awesome print T-shirt can be a great last minute gift idea, because it is easy to make, but so witty and thoughtful. Alternatively, a print T-shirt can be an elegant addition to her wardrobe, if you decide to go with a personalized print or a beautiful painting print.


No matter what the occasion is, you want to show your wife or girlfriend that you think only and wish only the best for her. That is why you spent a lot of time searching for the perfect present to express your love, loyalty and appreciation. Of course, a sentimental gift can be expensive or hand made. The important thing is that it comes from your heart and you hand-picked it for your loved one.

Hopefully, I've made gift buying a little easier for you!

25 Best Gift Ideas for Your Daughter in Law (Examples of Perfect & Memorable Gifts)

Have you ever asked yourself - how do I build a good relationship with my daughter in law? Well, best way to win somebody's heart is with a special and unique gift. But wait, what's a good gift for in-laws? Whether you are buying a gift today or simply gathering ideas for gifts for a future daughter in-law, don't you worry! I've prepared a list of special daughter-in-law gifts, from low budget to the more expensive, these will surely show her how thoughtful you are.

In this blog I'll help you with the issue of how to choose a birthday gift for a daughter in law and how to find the best solution. You have to find something both perfect for the occasion and for her personality. That way she will cherish it forever. It has to be unique, especially if she is new to the family, to show her that she's welcome.


Jewelry is one of the most popular gifts to buy, whoever you are buying it for. So, you can't really slip up if you decide on a lovely pearl necklace or a beautiful set of diamond earrings. On the other hand, if you are on a bit of a tight budget, you can always go for a simple, but unique friendship bracelet. It's the thought that counts.

Dress (gift to impress)

If your daughter in law is feminine and loves to wear dresses, then your choice is easy. Use her love for fashion as a gift idea for a daughter-in-law in her late 20s. When it comes to dresses, you can find a wide range of different types, colors, length and materials.Remember, a simple black dress is always a good choice.

Crystal Wine Decanter (Wedding day gift)

Are you wondering what kind of gifts to get for your daughter in law on her wedding day? Something as classic and traditional as a crystal wine decanter is just a perfect wedding day gift for your son and daughter-in-law. Decanting wine improves the taste and lets all the aromas come out. Furthermore, it is a beautiful gift for someone with refined taste in vessels.

Wine glasses

Whether you decide to give wine glasses as an addition to a wine decanter or just the glasses on their own, you will be giving a classic, yet fun present. They can also serve as a great anniversary gift idea for your son and daughter-in-law. Choose between those for red, white or dessert wine and according to the wine sort they love, for instance Burgundy or Cabernet.


If you are looking for a gift idea for a newly married daughter-in-law, look no more. A cookbook is a perfect present for somebody who is in the process of making a new home and starting a new life in general. Pick a cookbook with a focus on regional cuisine or simply choose one with 30 different muffin recipes.


While searching for a gift idea for soon to be daughter-in-law, consider buying a book. A book can show her that you really thought about her interests and needs, and that you wish her to always make time for growth. If you can't make up your mind on the genre, go for an autobiography of a celebrity she likes. It will most definitely be a nice surprise.

Cheese board (One year anniversary gift for daughter and son-in-law)

If your son and daughter-in-law are foodies, then you must buy them a handmade cheese board for all the starters they'll prepare as a still newly married couple. Wrap this gift along with a small selection of cheeses and crackers and prepare a lovely gift for cheese lovers. It can be both creative and useful as a householder tool.

Pajama set

Amongst all the gifts for a daughter in law, a pajama set is something you buy when you really don't have much time to waste, but still want to make a good impression. There are many types of nightwear, from different pieces to different materials. Your selection depends on the type of person your daughter in law is. If she is a hopeless romantic, choose a silk or lace nightie. However, if she is more of a comfortable sleep fan, buy a simple cotton two piece pajama set or even a onesie.

Photo album (One of the best daughter-in-law gifts)

One of the most amusing activities for a fresh couple is to see each others family photos from their childhood. If you want to surprise your daughter-in-law, make a photo album with your son's childhood photos, but leave enough room for her to put in hers and to add photos of their time together. It will be a heart warming gift that will last forever.

Framed posters and wall decor

Are you looking for a special daughter in law gift? Look no more. Everybody loves presents that are thoughtful and unique. Therefore, there is nothing better than a wall print with her favorite character, image, or an animal as a birthday gift idea for your daughter-in-law. Furthermore, you can even pick a set of wall prints that combined make a magical story that only you two will understand and all the others will admire.

Tea set

A range of flavors from different kinds of tea bring a wonderful fresh note to any kitchen. Especially, if the flavors come from all over the world. Some tea sets come with cups and a teapot, so if you want a more substantial gift, this is the way to go. You can either pick a porcelain, glass or ceramic, depending on the taste of your daughter in law.

Make-up bag (Gift for a new daughter-in-law)

Almost every woman wears make-up on a daily basis or at least from time to time. Even if your daughter-in-law is not a huge make-up addict, a make-up bag can come in handy to keep her toiletries in order.

Mugs for him & her

Not every mother-in-law buys Valentine's gifts for son and daughter-in-law, but if you want to be spontaneous and original, order personalized mugs for him & her. Whether they are coffee mugs or tea mugs, they can carry the initials of their names or even a picture of their favorite character. The gift won't go unnoticed.

Unique coasters (A cool gift for daughter in law)

Your daughter-in-law's birthday is coming along and you have no idea what to buy? Go for a unique coasters set as a cool and fun present. Just keep in mind that it would be a good thing if the coasters matched her home decor.

Skincare set (Bridal shower gift for future daughter-in-law)

Bridal shower is a very important ceremony in today's society, because women all over the world want to celebrate the act of marriage by showering the bride with all kinds of gifts. Choose a quality brand skincare set to show your daughter-in-law that self care should always be high on priority list.

Bonsai tree

Some people like to give unusual presents that will entice smiles and surprise, all at the same time. Choose a Bonsai tree as an unusual gift for your daughter-in-law, because they are said to represent a living connection between two people and is reserved only for those who have patience.

Custom portrait (Daughter-in-law gifts for Mother's day)

A custom portrait is a gift that keeps on giving. You can gift it for mother's day to show respect and love to her as a mother. It's a truly unique and special gift that can capture a special moment in a fun, personalized way. A custom made illustration of your daughter-in-law and her child will be the gift of a lifetime.


If you need another Christmas gift idea for your daughter-in-law, I suggest buying a warm scarf. It will be a helpful piece of clothing for those cold winter nights, but can also serve as a fashionable addition to her outfit.

Blankets (For big and small cuddlers)

Surprising someone with a warm and cozy blanket is wonderful, but using a blanket as a surprise gift idea for daughter-in-law baby shower is purely precious. Even better, buy a matching big and small one for her and the baby to come. It can also serve as a gift idea for your pregnant daughter in law. The look on her face will be priceless.

Bouquet (Engagement gift idea for son and daughter-in-law)

A bouquet of favorite flowers is also a perfect gift for any occasion, especially as an engagement gift. The rule is: the bigger the better, but keep in mind to find out what your daughter-in-law favorite flower is and surprise her with a beautiful arrangement.

Cupcake mold (A Christmas gift for daughter-in-law)

Having a daughter in law who is an awesome cook and doesn't need a cookbook might be tricky when it comes to buying a cooking related gift. So while baking dishes get damaged throughout years, a cupcake mold can be a charming, yet useful gift for Christmas.  If you are looking for a Christmas gift idea for your daughter in law, a cupcake mold is a great choice.

Water bottle (A great gift for daughter in law)

Are you looking for a simple, useful and cute gift to give your daughter-in-law for no occasion needed? Buy her a water bottle with her initials or just a plain one in her favorite color. Trust me, it is a great gift.

Chocolates (A gift to please the sweet tooth)

You can't really go wrong with chocolates, can you? Especially as an awesome gift idea for a pregnant daughter-in-law. Pregnant women crave for sweets, so this is a golden gift opportunity for any mother-in-law. You can even combine it with any other gift from the list, so she gets something tasty and long lasting.

Scented candle

If you are looking for a gift idea under 10 dollars for your daughter-in-law, feel free to decide on a scented candle. Even though it may not be pricey as some of the other gift ideas, it can be as a unique a gift as any. You can decide on a specific scent and bring a lovely atmosphere to your daughter-in-law's home. Feel free to combine it with some other gift ideas and make a creative gift box!

Coloring books (A funny daughter-in-law gift)

For the last couple of years, coloring books for adults became popular because of their relaxing effect on people. They also help as a stress relief and as a tool to cope with anxiety. But, before all, it's a entertaining way to spend time. This kind of a gift can be both funny and thoughtful at the same time. Wrap it with a couple of crayons and you are all set.

Sailor girl
Easter Bunny girl
Pisces girl

Final thoughts

Picking gifts for daughter in law can be a tricky assignment. Purchasing gifts can be challenging, especially picking the perfect gift for somebody whom you maybe don't know well (yet).

Even though there are many ways to make her happy, there are also things you need to avoid when buying a gift for your daughter in law. Try not to buy form-fitting clothes, because they can easily be the wrong size or it might not fit her as she prefers. Also avoid buying something that might send the wrong message or make her feel self conscious. You don't want to put pressure on her, especially if she's expecting a child and has enough on her plate.

Lastly, if you wish to make her happy and welcome, just pick any of the gifts from my 25 Best Gift Ideas list and win her heart.

10 Trendy Nursery Ideas for Your Baby Girl in 2021

Pregnancy is a very thrilling part of a woman’s life. Even though she has a lot of worries on her mind, she also spends time fantasizing about how her baby is going to look, what will she name them, what will be the baby’s first words etc. But, one of the most exciting parts of expecting a baby is decorating the nursery.

When it comes to designing your child`s nursery, you pick the items and colors you and your husband, wife or partner like. But, you will also try to choose the direction you want your baby to go, fairy tales to believe in and animals to love.

For example, some parents paint the walls in the nursery in the prettiest pink there is and choose only fluffy animals, such as swans, teddy bears and cats, because they are gentle and safe. Those parents try to protect their baby girls for as long as possible, in a way. Other parents avoid using pink and stick with gray and other neutral tones, to leave their baby girl some space to decide herself what kind of a girl she will be: a gentle one or maybe an adventurer.

There are a couple of rules for nursery decor, such as: it should be a room with inviting, calming and fun atmosphere. Or, the more details on the walls, the merrier.

If you are one of those mothers who is expecting a baby girl - you are in for a treat, because we are bringing you the top ten trendy nursery ideas for your baby girl.

Animal nursery decor

From the very beginning, we read books to our children, show them cartoons and play games, and all of these have one thing in common – they are filled with animals. Elephants, foxes, lambs, deer, sheep, butterflies, cats and dogs, you name it. Animals are a very important part of growing up. Our parents taught us and we want to teach our children to be brave as a lion, smart as a fox, beautiful as a butterfly and gentle as a lamb.

Why not decorate the whole room in a Safari theme or ZOO theme? Bring in natural colors and materials, such as light brown wooden crib with muted earthy colors on the walls and an earthy vibe carpet. Make the nursery feel like a warm place to rest and play.

You can even create a sophisticated Safari. Neutral tones or even black and white are the way to go if you are trying to create a Jungle like atmosphere. However, if you are a big fan of a particular animal, create one of these: elephant nursery, fox nursery, kitten themed girl's bedroom etc.

Baby girl nursery color themes

For babies and small children, understanding colors is essential for recognizing signs, learning different meanings and communicating with adults. It is also very important to think about the impact colors have on persons mood, emotions and behaviour.

Research has shown that for the first few months of life, babies only see shades of black, grey and white, so many parents decide on monochromatic nursery theme. Nevertheless, later on, colors are essential for getting and keeping babies attention and every color has a deeper meaning and symbolism. For example, the color red represents energy, passion and action. While it is a good color option for some toys, it is not a good idea to paint the walls red in the baby girl’s nursery.

Good color choices for the nursery are gentle and calm, such as pastel pink, purple, green, blue and yellow, but also beige and mint.

Most interior designers advise to choose the colors for the nursery similar to the rest of the rooms. But, feel free to use your imagination and decorate it the way you want. Children need far more colors and objects to keep them entertained, than we do.

Of course, almost all girls love pink. Use it as the wall color, carpet color or furniture color – you simply can't go wrong. Different shades of one color can produce layers, which make the room seem bigger and more interesting. Don't forget to put a bit of other colors, just for the sake of balance.

Compared to pink, gray is really an unisex color, but it is used more and more often in baby girl`s nurseries because it is easy to combine and neutral, calm for your eyes and mind.

In fact, gray brings both warmth and sophistication feel to the room.

However, if you are not one of the parents who are choosing the safe pink option or gray, and you are looking for baby girl's nursery ideas that are not mainstream, we have some tips for you. Using turquoise is considered an awesome factor because it is fresh and it enhances all the other basic colors items you may have chosen for the room.

Cartoon and Fairy tale characters for girls with big imaginations

Once upon a time, every little girl was a princess and had her big castle room with all shades of pink in it. Sounds like just a fairy tale? It can come true!

Fairy tales have helped raise children hundreds of years now. They allow kids to grow their imagination and to have big dreams. If you want your little girl to dream and look up to her heroes every day, decorate her nursery to inspire her.

Of course, if you just want to use some details to enhance the make believe fun and not the whole decor, you can put up amazing pictures of heroes for little girls. For instance, of fairy tales or superheroes.

Airplane nursery decor

There are some parents who want their children to get to know other cultures from a very young age, so they can learn to appreciate all the differences in the world. Furthermore, they teach their little girls that there are no limits when it comes to exploring. World map is a great feature on the wall made from wallpaper for little future adventurers. Also, there is many to choose from when it comes to transportation – from airplane theme and hot balloons, to train and submarine theme.

Girly girl room ideas

Whether you want to go all-out with flowers and dollhouses for girl's nursery or balloons and tea cups, don`t worry. We`ve gut you covered. The only rule you need to know for this kind of theme is – it can never get to girly.

Start with a classic white or wooden crib and accessorize it with a crib mobile with cupcakes and crowns or rainbows and clouds. You can even go further with a soft blush carpet and a massive flower print in gorgeous, water-colored tones. Finish up with incredible details, such as feminine wardrobe hangers and cute hairpieces.

Baby girl nursery wall art

Walls are the borders of this little world created for your little girl. But is doesn't have to be the end of imagination. As we previously mentioned, wallpapers can be a very big part of the decor if you use your creativity and play with different colors and textures. For instance, stunning big flower wallpaper is a showstopper, but also a charming pattern or a colorful character wallpaper can be a gorgeous addition to a girl's nursery.

On the other hand, if you don`t want something so permanent on the walls, choose a simple print or a number of them to complement other details and the theme of the room. You can go with fairy tale characters, superheroes, animals or anything else you might like. Get inspired by our propositions.Pick a painting or a photograph.

Outer space nursery decor

We've seen the girly girl's nursery, the animal print nursery and simple monochromatic nursery. But, what about little girls who dream about becoming an astronaut? Creating a space theme nursery is actually easy because you can simply add stars on the ceiling and a moon on the wall in any kind of room decor. However, if you want to go all-out, tailor all key parts of the bedroom to your theme and the small details can be neutral and simple. For instance, your wallpaper can be made to look like a view from a space station down on earth, your crib mobile can be made of stars and asteroids and your carpet can have an interesting picture of an astronaut on it. Really, sky is the limit here. Or is it?

Heart nursery decor

One of the most used symbols related to girls are hearts and kisses, no doubt. From the moment they use a pen for the first time, they draw it a million times. But, not only in drawings. Hearts can be found on little girl's clothing, accessories, jewelry etc. So, why not decorate the whole nursery with hearts and kisses? You can pick only some details or simply decorate the whole room in hearts and kisses theme.

Rustic woodland nursery decor

One of the most used materials in interior decorating is definitely wood. It is a classic that looks good throughout years and you don't event have to pay it much attention.

When we mention woodland, people immediately think of animals and forests. However, you can decorate your baby girl's room using only the materials that remind of woodland and create a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Whether you decide on wooden panels for the walls or just wooden furniture, you made a good decision. But, not only wood contributes to a rustic decor. There are baskets and rugs made of linen and other materials that give some sort of vintage feel to the nursery.

Princess themed nursery decor

Finally, you can never go wrong with a princess theme for your baby girl`s nursery. Most of the girls growing up dream of becoming a princess, marrying a prince and living in a big castle.

Go all-out with dresses, pink carpets, drapes, wallpapers and crowns. Maybe add some wall art for inspiration.

Final thoughts

When preparing the baby girl’s room for her arrival, think about all the dreams and hopes you had as a little girl and try to envision what you would like your girl to become one day. Until she is old enough to become a doctor, a teacher or a mother herself, let her be a princess, a pilot and a little delicate butterfly.

The key things you need in the baby girl's bedroom are: a crib, a changing table, a rocking chair (for those sleepless nights breastfeeding) and storage. Look for quality furniture that will last as long as it is possible.

When it comes to the theme, follow your heart and pick the one you fell in love with first!

My Top 6 Famous Female Artists and their Work

As a female artist myself, I sometimes get asked whom I think are the top 6 female artists throughout history. It’s a tough question, as there are many talented and famous women artists. For most of history, painting was a male dominated profession, so female artists only managed to break through and become mainstream in the 20th century. Like all professions however, there was never a time in history when there weren't at least some women taking part. That being said, the list below is a list of my 5 favorite female artists and their work. They are a diverse group, spanning many centuries and many countries and continents. Each had their own struggles, ranging from issues such as mental health or learning disabilities to of course finding commercial success and making a name for themselves in the art world. Still, I find these female artists interesting both in terms of their own lives and their art.

Sofonisba Anguissola (1532 - 1625)

Self Portrait (1556)

Sofonisba Anguissola was an Italian court portraitist during the late Renaissance. Born in Cremona, Northern Italy to a noble family, she was the oldest of seven children, with five sisters and one brother. She had the good fortune of having a father who encouraged all of his children to pursue their talents and receive a well rounded education, including in fine arts. This was unusual at the time, as women (and men) were expected to stick to their gender roles. Painting was strictly a male profession, as it involved studies in anatomy, and viewing nudes was not socially acceptable for women.

Elizabeth of Valois (1561-1565)

Eventually, her talents led her to the Spanish court, where in 1559 she became friends with the Spanish Queen, Elizabeth of Valois. Anguissola continued painting royalty until she got married, later retiring to her home country of Italy. She died at the age of 93 having left behind a mountain of groundbreaking work. Over the course of her career she gained an international reputation as arguably the first female renaissance painter of note. Her status as a master painter made way for future female artists to gain acceptance into the world of art.

Today we take it for granted that women can live and work independently, but back then it wasn’t even remotely socially acceptable. Not only did she work, but she thrived as a famous female painter. This went against the stereotypical image of a starving artist who was depicted as hungry and poor. Anguissola was accepted as an artistic master and traversed both social and class differences. 

Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun (1755 - 1842)

Self-Portrait with Straw Hat (1782)

Like her Italian predecessor, Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun was also a famous court painter. One of the first French female artists of prominence, she gained the patronage of Marie Antoinette, the last queen of France, before the French Revolution. Vigée Le Brun was sometimes a controversial artist. First, in 1783 she painted a portrait Marie-Antoinette in a Muslin Dress which showed the French queen in informal attire, a decision Marie-Antoinette herself had made and was later criticized for. Later portraits of the queen included her children in a more formal setting, showcasing the French monarch in traditional, motherly roles.

Marie-Antoinette in a Muslin Dress (1873)

Maternity was a common theme in Vigée Le Brun’s paintings. Her piece Self Portrait with Daughter Julie also caused a minor scandal because it showed the artist smiling, something that went against traditional artistic conventions dating back centuries. 

Self Portrait with Daughter Julie (1787)

Nonetheless, Vigée Le Brun later became one of the only 15 french female painters who gained membership to France’s Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture from the time of its foundation in 1648, until it was dissolved in 1793 during the French Revolution. Fleeing the violence of the war, Vigée Le Brun spent the next dozen years in Italy, Austria, Russia, and Germany where she continued painting royalty. Finally, in 1802 she returned to France where she lived until her death at the age of 86.

Personally I’m a fan of her work because she utilized quite unusual artistic methods at the time. Much of her work was created using pastels as a medium, as opposed to pure oil on canvas. Pastels, which are basically dry sticks of pigment dust used to draw, are of course quite popular today, but were not in 18th century France.

Joan Mitchell (1925 - 1992)

Mitchell in 1983

Joan Mitchell was one of the famous female painters of the 20th century. An American abstract expressionist, she had an extensive body of work both in the United States and in France. She painted large scale, multi-panel pieces - often landscapes. Her work was emotionally charged and powerful, sometimes even violent.

“The paint flung and squeezed on to the canvases, spilling and spluttering across their surfaces[...]”

Joan Mitchell
No Birds (1987/88)

Mitchell spent the last decade of her life living and painting in France. She was diagnosed with cancer in 1984, eventually passing away in 1992. A decade later in 2002, the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City held a full-scale retrospective of her work. I personally had the pleasure of visiting the exhibition at the time and it made a lasting impression on me. Unlike many contemporary female painters, Mitchell still used classical techniques, albeit in new and previously unseen styles.

Since her death, Mitchell’s work has sold at auctions for substantial amounts. Many of her pieces garnered a price tag in the millions. Her piece Blueberry (1969) was one of the most expensive and famous paintings ever made by a woman, selling for $16,6 million in 2018.

Blueberry (1969)

Yayoi Kusama (1929 - )

Yayoi Kusama wearing her signature colored wig - 2016

Yayoi Kusama is a Japanese female artist focusing primarily on sculpture work and installation pieces. Growing up in pre-war Japan, she had a traumatic childhood. Her father was engaged in a series of extramarital affairs, which her abusive mother sent her to spy upon. Kusama’s only solace was in art, something which her mother actively discouraged.

At age 10, she started having vivid hallucinations. Kusama described them as "flashes of light, auras, or dense fields of dots." She delved further into her art to escape both her family problems and her mental health problems. When WWII started, she went off to work as a seamstress, sewing materials for the Japanese army. 

After the war, she studied Japanese style painting, but was dissatisfied with it, having instead shown a keener interest in American and European art styles. She found early success in Japan in the 1950s when she started covering everything in polka dots. Imagery inspired by her hallucinations.

“One day I was looking at the red flower patterns of the tablecloth on a table, and when I looked up I saw the same pattern covering the ceiling, the windows, and the walls, and finally all over the room, my body and the universe. I felt as if I had begun to self-obliterate, to revolve in the infinity of endless time and the absoluteness of space, and be reduced to nothingness. As I realised it was actually happening and not just in my imagination, I was frightened. I knew I had to run away lest I should be deprived of my life by the spell of the red flowers. I ran desperately up the stairs. The steps below me began to fall apart and I fell down the stairs spraining my ankle.”

Yayoi Kusama
Transmigration (2011)

She travelled to the United States in 1957 and spent the next 2 decades involved in the avant-garde scene in New York. She continued working on her polka dot art, staging what she called Infinity Rooms by lining a closed space with mirrors on all sides and hanging colored neon balls at various heights to create the illusion of infinite space.

Infinity Mirror Room

In New York she protested the Vietnam War and staged provocative outdoor performance events with nude actors painted in her iconic polka dots. However, she struggled to find financial success and her declining mental health led to attempted suicide.

In the early 70s she moved back to Japan and checked into a hospital for the mentally ill where she continued working, despite being largely forgotten back in America. Then, in the 80s and 90s a series of international retrospectives caused a resurgence in popularity. In the decades since, her polka dot covered work has been displayed in museums across the world. 

Kusama’s work is a combination of her innerworld and outworld visions. She creates space for viewers to go through and each have a different experience. It’s best summarized as something between a dream and a spacewalk. Her original and individualistic universe is incredibly immersive. I just love how she transcends the internal to create something so profoundly external. 

Lee Bontecou (1931 - )

Lee Bontecou in her studio in 1964

Lee Bontecou is a female abstract artist from Rhode Island, best known for her geometric sculpture assemblages of found objects. Her work has an otherworldly quality, using innovative and unusual materials. Her most famous piece, 1964 was made from the remains of an old WWII bomber plane, and spans over 20 feet (6 meters) in length. 


“Her constructions in canvas and metal, intricately sewed and tied together, swell outward from the wall in heavy forms that build into space. Here painting and sculpture meet; canvas becomes form; painting becomes structure.”

Lee Bontecou

The holes that appear in the center of her work became part of her artist signature. Many art critics at the time said it was sexually thematic and wanted to connect it to the feminist movement. Bontecou herself has denied these claims, expressing her dislike of the word feminism.

“Because art is art and it doesn't mean whether it's woman or man. It doesn't matter… When I started, they wanted my things [to be] completely wimp feminine, and the gallery wanted to push that and I just wanted to throw up.”

Lee Bentocou

When she was young, Bentocou studied art in New York and Massachusetts, and later in Rome as a Fulbright scholar in the late 50s. Her early works focused on geometric shapes, though she later transitioned her style to more organic looking pieces such as flowers or fish.

Untitled (Flower) / Untitled (Fish)

Bontecou also spent 2 decades teaching art at Brooklyn College in New York and later moved to rural Pennsylvania where she’s been living ever since. Mostly reclusive in her later years, she did reemerge in the early 2000s with retrospectives of her work from the 50s and 70s, as well as new pieces that had not yet been seen by the public.

I loved seeing her work in museums and marveling at her choice of unusual materials. Who would have ever thought to create found art (art created from objects or products that already have a non-art function.) from items both mundane and exceedingly rare, such as the fighter plane.

Kiki Smith (1954 - )

Kiki Smith 2019

Kiki Smith is a female American artist still active today. She was born in West Germany in 1954 while her mother, Jane Lawrence, an opera singer, was working in Europe. Her father, Tony Smith was a well known minimalist sculptor. Following the death of both her father and her sister in the 80s, Kiki’s early work began exploring the existential meaning of the human body. 

Smith’s art is the synthesis of symbolism and magical stories. Her sculptures and prints explore fairy tales, myths, and legends often invoking images of birds and animals. 

Rapture (2001)

Ultimately, her material is completely original in tackling the female experience.

“There is so little representation of females by other females or in a sexually neutral way that I thought you could just make things forever and it wouldn’t be filling the gap.”

Kiki Smith

Being a famous female artist of the 21st century myself, I can really see something different in her experimentation and storytelling. The elements of originality are there and it's quite clear she wants to share her own unique perspectives through her art.  

Animal Drawings 1999/2005

Women’s role in art history

While the biggest chapters were written in the past century, the story of women and art goes back hundreds of years. Artists such as Le Brun and Anguisola painted at a time when women artists were an exception. They were trailblazers and incredibly successful, eventually becoming famous court portraitists thanks to a combination of sensibility and mastery in their art. 

Thanks to female artists over the centuries pressing society forward, they have shown women can be strong not just in the artistic world, but in a wide variety of different professions as well.

I would conclude by telling all female artists working hard and perhaps struggling in their creative endeavors to keep going. It can take many years, even decades to reach the place you want with your work and your career. Juggling everything that life throws at us is a challenge, but a welcome one. After all, there’s a little bit of a real life superhero in each of us.

20 Birthday Present Ideas for Your Girl Best Friend [Purchased vs. DIY gifts]

What do women want? Read on to find the answer to that question!

Every once in a while, the special women in our lives celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, weddings etc. That's the time to show them how special they really are to us. How? With a gift, of course!

Have you ever thought to yourself: what should I get my friend for her birthday, that's both creative and unique? Finding a perfect gift for a woman who seems to have it all is easier said than done.

Whether you want to surprise your best friend, mother, girlfriend, wife or a special female friend - I have the perfect gift ideas for you! Choose one or more from our list of top 20 perfect birthday gift ideas for HER.

Gifts you can purchase VS. DIY gifts for her

Make sure you pay attention to details. Is she a craft lover or a diamond girl? Would she like to receive a lovely card filled with warm feelings and love notes or is she more of a material girl? Either way, here are some tips and trick that will help you choose and decide on the perfect gift.

Quick & easy gifts for your female friends

Some people say that it is a greater feeling to give, than to receive. 

Nevertheless, gift shopping can come with plenty of anxiety. Even if you think you know that special women in your life, finding the perfect present can be overwhelming. And why is that so? For example, we want one item to say "thank you for everything, mom“, but, at the same time – what object can show so much appreciation? 

On the other hand, we want our special female friend to think of the lingerie as a gift with the message – "I think you would look great in this", but if you get the size wrong... I wouldn't like to be in your shoes.

The lucky lady in your life deserves only the best - find something that is equally thoughtful and creative, something that fits her age and hobbies, something that just looks like her cup of tea.

The smile on her face when she gets the perfect gift

The best gift is a combination of unique and thoughtful. What does that mean? It means that you want to get the women in your life an item (one or more) that feels really personal, but is also useful. 

The present should fit within the following 3 things: 

Your budget can be the starting point of choosing the gift for your best friend.

If you are able to spend without concern, it doesn't necessarily mean you should just buy a diamond necklace. Think of investing your money into a good quality of something that is long lasting. Put your money to good use with a personalized portrait, which represents both quality and uniqueness.. 

On the other hand, if you are on a tight budget, don't worry. You can always make a scrapbook filled with memories and poems that can mean more to a person than any piece of jewelry.

Delivering the right message means that you should really think about the person you are buying the present for – does my mother really need another cook book? Is my sister using her previous yoga mat? Will my lover think I do not value her if I buy her lingerie? Decide on the message you want to send with your present and that will guide you to the right present.

You don`t want to give your female best friend a gift that she will use maybe once and never again. You want the gift to be useful and that it meets her personal needs perfectly.

If you don't have time to visit shopping malls and find your inspiration in window shopping, brace yourself. To reduce your gift shopping stress, I've prepared the perfect quick & easy gift ideas for any budget: from the cheapest to the most expensive ones. Let us inspire you.

1. Slippers

You can′t really go wrong with a comfortable pair of slippers, especially now when we spend hours and hours at home. 

Slippers come in all kinds of shapes and colors and warm feet are the ultimate gift, if you ask us.

Nothing beats luxury foot comfort

2. Plants

More lasting than a bouquet of flowers, less needy than a pet. Plants bring cosiness to the room and, in a way, reflect a person's character. That's why I've choose between plants that are high maintenance and those that you can't really kill.

If you are looking for a plant that needs a lot of attention, choose something like the Orchid or Gardenia. But, if your friend is one of those people who usually forget they have a living being in their home, choose a Cactus or Bamboo.

House plants can also help brighten her mood!

3. Mugs

Is your female friend a coffee or a tea person? It doesn't really matter when it comes to mugs. The important thing is that it has a comfortable handle and enough volume for her favorite beverage.

Find one in her favorite color or an illustration that matches her personality, so she can have a boost of inspiration with every sip.

4. Pajamas

When it comes to sleeping, every woman needs at least one girlie set of pajamas. We use them every night and they are supposed to be the most comfortable piece(s) in our wardrobe. So, keep in mind that you are looking for something airy, warm or silky, comfortable, stretchy and simply relaxing.

A piece of advice: choose a calming color to bring her mind to ease before sleep.

Good for sleeping or jumping on the bed

5. Books

Buying a book for someone is not easy, especially if it is your girlfriend or lover. 

Try to think about the topics she shows interest in and apply it to the book genre or surprise her with a topic of your choice that to think she may come to like. 

Do some research. What are the bestsellers now and what reading can be useful for her at the moment. For example, if she is going to be a mother soon, pick a book that explains some situations in motherhood she has not encountered before. Or if she is studying history, buy her an interesting and exciting book about unsolved historic mysteries.

Also, adventure novels are always a good choice.

Don't forget the bookmark!

6. Blankets

Blankets are definitely one way of replacing your best friend's hug. If you want your female friend to think of you when she feels comfortable, warm and cozy, a blanket is the way to go.

It can be a beautiful addition to your best friend's decor in the living room, but also a personal comfort while watching late night movies. Also, think about the material the blanket is made of: would she prefer wool, cotton, knit etc.

Perfect for napping

7. Phone cases

Bear in mind the type of phone your female best friend has and try to choose a case in her style, something you can imagine her having.

You can order a case that matches her personality and brings out her inner character. Phone cases are something we change from time to time, but if it has a deeper meaning, maybe it will become a prized possession.

8. Wall Decor Posters

Remind your best friend that you are always thinking of her, even when you are apart, with the perfect wall art poster. You can gift it framed (or unframed, if she has her own) so that's its ready to hang on her wall. This kind of a present can be very thoughtful, special and inspiring.

9. Perfume

If you are buying a birthday gift for a female best friend, then think about what kind of scents she likes. Is she more of a warm note type or a fresh aroma lover? 

There are several types of perfumes and notes: floral, woody, fruity, oriental, citrus etc. Floral notes are romantic, oriental and exotic. Fruity notes are adorable and citrus brings freshness. Pick a perfume that reminds you of her and show her that you care.

A wonderful fragrance

10. Jewelry

"It's the thought that counts.“ Well, not for diamond lovers.

Every woman dreams of getting diamonds or pearls at least once in her life. Why not for this occasion?

Jewelry is often used to emphasize a certain part of male or female body. Women with long necks tend to wear necklaces more often than other women. But, jewelry isn`t only a decorative piece. It also represents tradition and heritage. 

So, between bracelets, necklaces and earrings, gold, silver and platinum - choose a unique piece of jewelry for your lady friend and watch her wear it with pride.

They're forever, right?

DIY (homemade) gifts for your best friend

What's a better way to say Happy Birthday to your best friend than with a personally made gift? When it comes to DIY gifts, the main goal is to be creative and unique. Whatever you decide to craft and make your own, is sure to delight any giftee.

Some research shows that giving an experience as a gift can foster stronger relationships than material items. So think of the time your best friend was the happiest and remind her of that time with some pictures or years old saved concert tickets. Make a memorable present with your own hands. 

1. Cards

There is no better way to express your feelings, than writing a special card for your bff`s birthday. 

You can write a song or just a simple text with your thoughts and wishes. Make sure you tell her how important she is to you and that she is a gift in your life every day.

If you want to involve humor, make a drawing or remind her of a funny incident you two had and she will look forward to reading the card over and over again.

No, thank you!

2. Memory Jar

Use an old jar from your pantry and fill it with memories from your trips, your parties or just your everyday mischief. Put in some photographs, notes, concert tickets, magnets or what ever you want. The important thing is that it brings back happy moments and positive feelings.

You can also write a note on the outside of the jar. Something like: "revisit me when you are feeling nostalgic."

It will be a beautiful treasury for her to visit when ever she feels the need.

Cherish your memories


If she is a book worm, make a cute bookmark for her to use so she will think of you every time she sees it. Making this present is an easy job for anyone. You just need a piece of paper, scissors, some colors and your imagination. Write quotes, cut shapes, add buttons or some paper clips, draw or stitch. Whatever you do, keep it fun and personal.

How many avid readers do you know?

4. Homemade fragrances 

Home fragrances are a welcome guest in many homes, but not all people are fans of artificial scents. Homemade fragrances, such as potpourri contain less or no harmful ingredients, which can be very useful for people with allergies or asthma. 

For your female best friend, be creative and mix her favorite fruits, flowers or herbs and create a unique fragrance. Fill her home with a fresh, inviting scent.

Freshen up the whole house

5. Magnets

Magnets are something we see every day, as many times as we open the fridge. They may not be so useful, but they can at least bring a smile on your best friend's face.

Use pictures of you two and make funny or romantic little memories worth looking at. Create a bottle opener for a woman who always needs one or make a notebook magnet for all the checklists one household may need.

Remember that trip to Hawaii?

6. Scrapbooks

Using old pictures, theatre tickets, bus passes and candy bags for a scrap book is a thoughtful gift that she will appreciate! It requires a lot of creativity, imagination and ideas to put together such a book that contains so many memories. This scrapbook can be whatever you want it to be.

For the artistic ones

So, buy an empty notebook or use an old book you decided you don't need anymore and start cutting, taping and writing.

7. Flower Surprise

Use her favorite flowers to create a big flower initial (of her name, of course) or decorate a jewelry box. Your best friend, girlfriend or lover will definitely remember it!

You can also just pick flowers yourself and arrange them in some kind of a bouquet. The more colors, the better.

Use 3 types for the best look

8. Candy cake

Now, it is time for a candy shopping spree! Buy everything your female best friend likes and make a big cake for her birthday party.

You can make layers of chocolate candy bars and top them with sweets or you can just layer her favorite cookies and donuts in the shape of a cake.

Hopefully we don't end up eating too many of these before the summer!

9. Photo Albums

Make her feel extra special and make a photo album for her birthday. It is a lovely way to walk through a memory lane of your childhood or your nowadays adventures. Nothing says thoughtful gift more than meaningful photographs inside of an album. Write the date and place under every photo or maybe just a thought that will remind you and your best friend of those happy times.

A blast from the past

10. Decorative Pillows

Make a personalized pillow with your picture or saying that brings a smile to her face. 

Every time she puts her head on it, she will be reminded of you and the message you sent with this gift.

Best friends forever

What to buy my best friend for her birthday?

So, I showed you some ideas for sentimental gifts to get for your best friend for her birthday. 

Think of all your best friend's needs and habits and surprise her with the best birthday gift ever. Keep in mind her favorite colors, memories, food and shops and let your imagination do the rest. 

One of our ideas is bound to become her most treasured present this year.

The Story of a Dyslexic Artist

Like so many dyslexic children, I also struggled in school with reading. Unfortunately, it was in a time before dyslexia was well known or widely understood. Being dyslexic goes hand in hand with being creative. 

So it was no surprise when art and comics helped save the day.

Overcoming obstacles

When I was in elementary school growing up in Croatian Yugoslavia, there was no such thing as dyslexia, you were just considered a dumb and lazy student. It was in 1st grade when it became obvious that there was something different about me. I understood numbers and arithmetic. Other subjects were fine too and I had no problem answering questions out loud. When I looked down at a page in front of me, I had absolutely no idea what was going on. Reading words and understanding letters became my biggest struggle.

I realized that I saw different letters the same – d, b, g, p – these aren’t actually all the same letters as I had thought, but rather different letters. Each one has its own sounds, its own name even. Other kids could tell them apart, but my brain mixed them all up. To me, it was simply an uncomfortable difficulty having to learn each letter. It made reading impossible.

My homeroom teacher would force me to read aloud in front of the class. I hated it. She even had a long measuring stick for administering punishment to any students who, “weren’t trying hard enough.” I had so many problems with reading that and every night my mother was trying to help me with homework. Nothing worked.

Comic books to the rescue

By the end of 1st grade my father said that enough was enough and gave me comic strips to read over summer vacation. His logic was that if I had trouble with plain text, then having pictures might help. I started with Bringing Up Father (also known as Jiggs and Maggie) by George McManus. A little bit of text and plenty of pictures, I found the comic extremely funny. It wasn’t too difficult and by the end of summer I had fallen in love with comics.

Bringing up Father by George McManus

After a time I got my first real book to read – Šegrt Hlapić (also known as Apprentice Lapitch – or The Brave Adventures of the Little Shoemaker) by Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić. It started out simple – just three sentences per day. I despised the idea of reading something without pictures, but three sentences a day wasn’t impossible so I’d do my best to get through it. Then after two weeks, those three sentences turned to five. Fine, this was still doable, too. Eventually, I made it all the way to reading a whole paragraph. At this point I was rolling my eyes but there’d always be a reward at the end. My parents would take me to the movies, or to get ice cream so I’d do the reading.

Šegrt Hlapić by Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić

At some point, I think around the third chapter, the book actually became interesting. I stopped counting sentences and paragraphs and just kept reading. Even today I remember how much I struggled at a snail’s pace to get through those first few chapters. Reading was torture and of course as a child I’d rather be outside playing. I thought there was no chance I’d ever finish the whole book.

I don’t remember exactly how, but eventually it became possible. Of course, there were still mistakes, I’d often skip letters or stumble over new words – I’ll do it even today sometimes – but it wasn’t as difficult as before. I didn’t have to force myself. It finally all clicked when I realized I could imagine and visualize the words in my head. After that moment, I was enchanted by books. I especially loved adventure novels like Winnetou and Tarzan. Soon, I was reading two or three books a week!

Learning to love reading

This continued throughout my remaining school years. Of course, I loved comics the most, especially Prince Valiant by Hal Foster and Asterix and Obelix by Albery Uderzo. Later in high school, I was reading Corto Maltese by Hugo Pratt and The Vagabond of Limbo by Godard and Ribera. It was still slow for me to read plain text, so I helped myself in my studying by creating mental maps. I realized I had excellent visual memory, so I learned to memorize my notes and textbooks as if they were pictures. This was much simpler than just learning plain text. During exams, I’d remember how my notes looked and I could easily remember the answers I had studied. High school went well for me. All of my notebooks were covered top to bottom in doodles and drawings, which helped me concentrate and better memorize everything.

The comics of my childhood

I always felt fine about my dyslexia, because back then nobody knew what it was. I learned to read my own way and that was the end of it. Yes, I made plenty of mistakes, like switching around letters, but I learned to visualize words in their entirety. When I saw the word bear I’d imagine the big, furry, four-legged animal. I wasn’t overburdening myself, other than knowing that I should probably double check new words. Were they really the way I had visualized them, or did I maybe make a mistake? Either way, it didn’t cause me any issues in my day to day life.

Understanding dyslexia

Normally, dyslexic children will compensate by having another part of their brain be stronger. For me, it was visual comprehension. Early on I realized I had a form of photographic memory and that I can use it to help me study in school. Once I learned to do that, school became quite easy. Having strengthened visual comprehension means I notice visual details others might normally miss. If the color of tiles compliments the color of grout that’s used, for example. These kinds of details can really bother me if they’re off.

My inclination towards visual art began even before I started going to school. From the age of three I loved drawing. I’d spend hours and hours each day with paper, pencils, and paints. From that age I knew I’d be an artist when I grew up. Art was my world and being artistic was always a part of me.

How it often looks inside my studio

Peoples brains are elastic, so someone with dyslexia can adjust the way they learn or work and still function completely normally. It’s a matter of adapting information in a way that people with dyslexia and similar learning disabilities can process it. For example, specially designed fonts or letters that are made so dyslexics can more easily read – something I didn’t have the luxury of as a child. I think it’s completely fine if you have dyslexia or a learning disability. Just because someone’s brain works differently doesn’t mean it has to define them in a negative way. The goal should be to turn it into an advantage and for our lives to be the best they can.

The first time I actually learned what dyslexia is was when my own daughter entered the first grade. She was diagnosed with both dyslexia and dyscalculia (basically math dyslexia). When the logopede explained her condition I realized it was the same thing that affected me as a child.

Nowadays, dyslexia doesn’t affect me in any negative way. In fact, I think it gives me an advantage because I can capture visual content immediately, since it has become natural for me. This, along with my artistic talent, is a valuable skill in today’s digital media environment. Thanks to the internet, smart phones, and all the technology we now have the world has become incredibly focused on how things are visual. Of course, not all dyslexics have an affinity towards visual content. Some are more inclined towards sound and can become incredible musicians or poets. I find it all incredibly interesting how our brains can work in completely different ways. How things that are considered disabilities can actually be considered abilities, if you take the time and care to nurture them that way.

Dyslexic children can overcome any challenge

Ultimately, I believe we should be open and positive towards people who have dyslexia or other traditional-learning disabilities. I say it this way because society considers it “wrong” because most of our institutions are not equipped to properly help those children adjust and learn as they go through school. There’s no reason to mystify or create a negative connotation around being dyslexic.

While there has been incredible progress since I was a child towards helping dyslexic children get the proper attention they need in school, it’s still lacking in many aspects. In my home country of Croatia, for example, there are still problems. School teachers are not all trained to help dyslexic children and often the school system doesn’t implement logopedic methodology. Ideally, every elementary school would have it’s own logopede to help both children and to teach parents. Not every parent thinks to try giving their child comics to read. I was lucky to have a father who himself loved comics and thought it could help. My circumstances ended up being quite fortunate in a time period when even the word dyslexia was not commonly known.

Most parents want to help their kids when they become diagnosed with a learning disability. It’s best to seek professional advice from a logopede, but of course as a parent it’s important to stay open to try different methods. For some kids comics with lots of pictures might help. For other kids it might be something completely different, like music or even video games. I think as parents it’s vital not to negatively criticize children’s resistance towards reading, since the vast majority of kids will get better at it as they grow older. Some will become avid readers, some will not, and that’s ok since it depends highly on our natural preferences, too.

Inspirational dyslexic artists

There's increasing evidence suggesting that dyslexia is associated with remarkably artistic creativity. Studies involving art academy students have reported significantly more signs of dyslexia among them than in non-art university students. That means that the dyslexic brain is stronger on the right side and that is exactly what a good artist needs!

With dyslexia you adapt a different form of thinking, that thinking is what made some of the most talented and innovative artists we know of. Male artists such as Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol or even Jackson Pollock  who were some of the most innovative artists of the 20th century. 

Dyslexia breeds creativity in all forms of art. Female artists such as Cher or Florence Welch are amazing examples of dyslexic musicians.  Or maybe the most famous female dyslexic who won her battles against letters; Agatha Christie. Dyslexia couldn't stop from becoming one of the best selling writers of all time.

Finally, my message to all dyslexic children would be, “you’re amazing and everything will fall into place.”

Fearless Croatian Women - Part 2

One Hundred Fearless Women Who Changed Croatia - Part 2

After the success of Fearless Croatian Women Part 1, the sequel was announced at the end of 2019. I was excited to be chosen again to draw my own interpretation of the new selection of Croatian women. While the previous book was women from Croatia’s history, this one featured women from modern day Croatia. I had huge plans, all of us artists did. We hoped for a grand exhibition to be held with artwork for all 100 women, from both books.

Of course, nobody knew what was waiting for us just around the corner. 2020 began with lots of optimism and inspiration. A new selection of great female illustrators. We were all eagerly awaiting the new list. It was sent out by email and somehow I had missed it! By the time the publisher had contacted me, asking for my selection, there were only a few women left to choose from.

I ended up with Madam President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović, Savka Dabčević-Kučar and Dr. Alemka Markotić.

Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović

Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović, 2018 World Cup

I was thrilled to get the first female President of Croatia, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović. I, like many, remember her as an enthusiastic supporter of the Croatian national football team from the 2018 World Cup. She made headlines with warm and down to earth cheering to the sport, especially in the big finale game against France. I wanted to make her beautiful and stately but somehow translate her warm and earthiness into the illustration. That was my most difficult challenge in illustration so far. It is not easy and I did not want to play her down. She will be an important historical figure as the first female president in the history of Croatia.

It took me two tries until she turned right. I hope she was satisfied with my interpretation of her role.

Savka Dabčević-Kučar

Savka Dabčević-Kučar, Croatian Spring in Zagreb, 1971

Then it was Savka Dabčević-Kučar, the famous Croatian female communist politician from former Yugoslavia. She was politically suppressed during Croatian Spring, a political movement in the 1970s for more freedom in Yugoslav Croatia. She resigned and was removed from public life, like many prominent politicians during that period. She was the symbol for the Croatian people of their struggle for an independent state. When Croatia finally gained independence in the 1990s, she returned to political life and became active in once again shaping Croatian history. I felt great responsibility drawing her and her tragic destiny. Unlike many who suffered under communism at the time, she was lucky to stay alive through it all and see an independent Croatia. She passed away in 2009 at the age of 86.

Savka Dabčević-Kučar (1923 - 2009)

Doctor Alemka Markotić

Doctor Alemka Markotić

The third fearless woman is Doctor Alemka Markotić. She is the director of the Research Department at the Laboratory for Clinical Immunology at the University Hospital for Infectious Diseases in Zagreb. An accomplished scientist, scholar, and professor, she was on the forefront of the fight against the Covid-19 outbreak in Croatia. Throughout it all, she was an example of a scientific mind making sense and trying to understand the realities of what was going on. With her illustration, I felt the most freedom to interpret her role as a scientist primarily.

New Beginnings

I drew all three of these fearless women while traveling to France, to inscribe into what turned out to be my French semester. My little shop in Zagreb’s Upper Town closed with no tourists coming because of Covid-19. I was looking towards new, uncertain horizons when an unexpected came. Life sometimes has its own way of putting us in the place we need to be. 

I am presently in my studio in La Rochelle, France, painting my new projects and learning the French language. It is never late to try new things in life.

Fearless Croatian Women - Part 1

One Hundred Fearless Women Who Changed Croatia, Part 1

I was approached by publisher Ivana Glavaš to participate in an project about Croatian women who were the first in their profession. I must admit, I didn’t fully comprehend the impact the first book would make. It turned out to be an interesting project which included 16 fellow female illustrators.

We were given a list of Croatian women to choose from and could illustrate any we wanted.

Antonija Kulčar-Vajda

Initially, I wasn’t sure what to choose. However, once the list was open I was happy to see that nobody had yet taken Antonija ‘Foto Tonka’ Kulčar-Vajda.

I immediately saw the image of her illustration in my head. Attitude, curiosity and artistry. And definitely she needed to be stylish. Like epitome of a newly self-assured woman who took her life and career into her own hands, succeeding for the first time on a grand scale.

She was The first woman to open an independent photo studio in Zagreb, famous for her portraits of the citizens of 1920’s and 30’s Zagreb.. She was hugely popular at the time, and was the official photographer of the royal family of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. She was an avangarde artist, with a unique vision - something I tried to capture in my illustration of her.

Antonija Kulčar-Vajda (1887 - 1971)

Zlata pl. Šufflay

While I was thinking about the rest, most of them were already taken. Ultimately, I chose Zlata pl. Šufflay, who founded the lacemaking school and workshop in Lepoglava, over a century ago. It was famous in its day, and thematically had a connection to my grandmother who knew how to make this kind of lace.

Lepoglava Lace

So I modeled Zlata loosely on my grandmother. Sweet, contemplative, and patient attitude. I remember my grandmother like that. Qualities needed to make a perfect lace out of thin tread. The softness and kindness of the heart also translated into the qualities of the lace that was woven.

Mira Alinčić

The last one, Mira Alinčić, was a judicial scholar and law professor who in 1976 Yugoslavia was the first writer of family law protecting women and children.

Mira Alinčić

For me, she was from the generation of my mother. The way I remember those women, they were self-assured, busy, and aware of the world and its challenges. Always ready to stand for the rights of others. All working full time on jobs in the careers that they chose.

Success of part I.

After the first book was published it was a huge hit. Fearless Croatian Women Part I. turned out to be of big importance as we illustrators barely knew who these women really were. The book ended up going to school libraries, as part of the official reading selection. It also gathered enormous attention from the media and was so positive that it made me realize how people are genuinely grateful and happy to finally recognize those women as part of Croatian history and heritage.

Stories of Fearless Croatian Women

Author: Irena Sophia