I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. I’ve always enjoyed it tremendously. As a child, I remember the joy of filling paper with the movement of my pencil. The subject matter was not that important - it could have been anything from my imagination. I always felt completely free when I was drawing.

I draw a lot in my notebooks, something like an unconscious visual diary. There are usually some themes that interest me, like for example dreams, or hibernation, so I fill my notebook with quick sketches. Later I select something to draw more elaborately, then from this I choose what to develop into the final image.

I love walking in nature. Wherever I am, I try to have this connection. I regularly go on long walks into the woods near Zagreb. Sometimes I carry a camera, and I love to take photos. I love to discover, to observe from a different angle. In that regard, landscape is magical to me.

I felt compelled to draw a story about different women. Like this story was given to me and needed to be told. So I just started to draw and they appeared. To be thoroughly gentle requires tremendous strength, in today's world especially. To accept vulnerability, to just be who you are. To be subtle yet profound. To be gentle yet wild. To be content with silence because sometimes silence is just enough. To not be afraid of life. To have compassion is to have strength. To create your dream and to hold it gently, to never give up on it. It requires courage. It does not need to be loud, to be in your face. It does not require any display. It is enough just to be.

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From paintbrush to canvas, follow me as I explore a subtle wonderland of unique designs and illustrations.

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