10 Trendy Nursery Ideas for Your Baby Girl in 2021

Pregnancy is a very thrilling part of a woman’s life. Even though she has a lot of worries on her mind, she also spends time fantasizing about how her baby is going to look, what will she name them, what will be the baby’s first words etc. But, one of the most exciting parts of expecting a baby is decorating the nursery.

When it comes to designing your child`s nursery, you pick the items and colors you and your husband, wife or partner like. But, you will also try to choose the direction you want your baby to go, fairy tales to believe in and animals to love.

For example, some parents paint the walls in the nursery in the prettiest pink there is and choose only fluffy animals, such as swans, teddy bears and cats, because they are gentle and safe. Those parents try to protect their baby girls for as long as possible, in a way. Other parents avoid using pink and stick with gray and other neutral tones, to leave their baby girl some space to decide herself what kind of a girl she will be: a gentle one or maybe an adventurer.

There are a couple of rules for nursery decor, such as: it should be a room with inviting, calming and fun atmosphere. Or, the more details on the walls, the merrier.

  • PRO TIP: Try choosing a few key items you will build the story around. For example, choose a crib, a carpet and a rocking chair and then combine all the other details matching the chosen items.

If you are one of those mothers who is expecting a baby girl - you are in for a treat, because we are bringing you the top ten trendy nursery ideas for your baby girl.

Animal nursery decor

From the very beginning, we read books to our children, show them cartoons and play games, and all of these have one thing in common – they are filled with animals. Elephants, foxes, lambs, deer, sheep, butterflies, cats and dogs, you name it. Animals are a very important part of growing up. Our parents taught us and we want to teach our children to be brave as a lion, smart as a fox, beautiful as a butterfly and gentle as a lamb.

Why not decorate the whole room in a Safari theme or ZOO theme? Bring in natural colors and materials, such as light brown wooden crib with muted earthy colors on the walls and an earthy vibe carpet. Make the nursery feel like a warm place to rest and play.

You can even create a sophisticated Safari. Neutral tones or even black and white are the way to go if you are trying to create a Jungle like atmosphere. However, if you are a big fan of a particular animal, create one of these: elephant nursery, fox nursery, kitten themed girl's bedroom etc.

Baby girl nursery color themes

For babies and small children, understanding colors is essential for recognizing signs, learning different meanings and communicating with adults. It is also very important to think about the impact colors have on persons mood, emotions and behaviour.

Research has shown that for the first few months of life, babies only see shades of black, grey and white, so many parents decide on monochromatic nursery theme. Nevertheless, later on, colors are essential for getting and keeping babies attention and every color has a deeper meaning and symbolism. For example, the color red represents energy, passion and action. While it is a good color option for some toys, it is not a good idea to paint the walls red in the baby girl’s nursery.

Good color choices for the nursery are gentle and calm, such as pastel pink, purple, green, blue and yellow, but also beige and mint.

Most interior designers advise to choose the colors for the nursery similar to the rest of the rooms. But, feel free to use your imagination and decorate it the way you want. Children need far more colors and objects to keep them entertained, than we do.

Of course, almost all girls love pink. Use it as the wall color, carpet color or furniture color – you simply can't go wrong. Different shades of one color can produce layers, which make the room seem bigger and more interesting. Don't forget to put a bit of other colors, just for the sake of balance.

Compared to pink, gray is really an unisex color, but it is used more and more often in baby girl`s nurseries because it is easy to combine and neutral, calm for your eyes and mind.

In fact, gray brings both warmth and sophistication feel to the room.

However, if you are not one of the parents who are choosing the safe pink option or gray, and you are looking for baby girl's nursery ideas that are not mainstream, we have some tips for you. Using turquoise is considered an awesome factor because it is fresh and it enhances all the other basic colors items you may have chosen for the room.

Cartoon and Fairy tale characters for girls with big imaginations

Once upon a time, every little girl was a princess and had her big castle room with all shades of pink in it. Sounds like just a fairy tale? It can come true!

Fairy tales have helped raise children hundreds of years now. They allow kids to grow their imagination and to have big dreams. If you want your little girl to dream and look up to her heroes every day, decorate her nursery to inspire her.

Of course, if you just want to use some details to enhance the make believe fun and not the whole decor, you can put up amazing pictures of heroes for little girls. For instance, of fairy tales or superheroes.

Airplane nursery decor

There are some parents who want their children to get to know other cultures from a very young age, so they can learn to appreciate all the differences in the world. Furthermore, they teach their little girls that there are no limits when it comes to exploring. World map is a great feature on the wall made from wallpaper for little future adventurers. Also, there is many to choose from when it comes to transportation – from airplane theme and hot balloons, to train and submarine theme.

  • PRO TIP: Not only are these kinds of nursery themes beautiful, but also very fun to play with. Imagine creating a little train using storage boxes and ropes. Your baby girl can play with it for days and you can also use it for storage and as decorative pieces.

Girly girl room ideas

Whether you want to go all-out with flowers and dollhouses for girl's nursery or balloons and tea cups, don`t worry. We`ve gut you covered. The only rule you need to know for this kind of theme is – it can never get to girly.

Start with a classic white or wooden crib and accessorize it with a crib mobile with cupcakes and crowns or rainbows and clouds. You can even go further with a soft blush carpet and a massive flower print in gorgeous, water-colored tones. Finish up with incredible details, such as feminine wardrobe hangers and cute hairpieces.

Baby girl nursery wall art

Walls are the borders of this little world created for your little girl. But is doesn't have to be the end of imagination. As we previously mentioned, wallpapers can be a very big part of the decor if you use your creativity and play with different colors and textures. For instance, stunning big flower wallpaper is a showstopper, but also a charming pattern or a colorful character wallpaper can be a gorgeous addition to a girl's nursery.

  • PRO TIP: If you choose a very colorful and playful wallpaper, try keeping all the other details in the room simple and classic. You don't want the nursery to become confusing and too busy.

On the other hand, if you don`t want something so permanent on the walls, choose a simple print or a number of them to complement other details and the theme of the room. You can go with fairy tale characters, superheroes, animals or anything else you might like. Get inspired by our propositions.Pick a painting or a photograph.

  • PRO TIP: Try being versatile, fun and whimsical with the artwork, for your child will be surrounded with it for many hours. In addition, hang a few family photos and portraits to add warmth.

Outer space nursery decor

We've seen the girly girl's nursery, the animal print nursery and simple monochromatic nursery. But, what about little girls who dream about becoming an astronaut? Creating a space theme nursery is actually easy because you can simply add stars on the ceiling and a moon on the wall in any kind of room decor. However, if you want to go all-out, tailor all key parts of the bedroom to your theme and the small details can be neutral and simple. For instance, your wallpaper can be made to look like a view from a space station down on earth, your crib mobile can be made of stars and asteroids and your carpet can have an interesting picture of an astronaut on it. Really, sky is the limit here. Or is it?

Heart nursery decor

One of the most used symbols related to girls are hearts and kisses, no doubt. From the moment they use a pen for the first time, they draw it a million times. But, not only in drawings. Hearts can be found on little girl's clothing, accessories, jewelry etc. So, why not decorate the whole nursery with hearts and kisses? You can pick only some details or simply decorate the whole room in hearts and kisses theme.

  • PRO TIP: If you are planning on using a hearts wallpaper, pick one with different „fabric“ on the hearts. It will glow in the dark or shine brighter in the sun.

Rustic woodland nursery decor

One of the most used materials in interior decorating is definitely wood. It is a classic that looks good throughout years and you don't event have to pay it much attention.

When we mention woodland, people immediately think of animals and forests. However, you can decorate your baby girl's room using only the materials that remind of woodland and create a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Whether you decide on wooden panels for the walls or just wooden furniture, you made a good decision. But, not only wood contributes to a rustic decor. There are baskets and rugs made of linen and other materials that give some sort of vintage feel to the nursery.

  • PRO TIP: When choosing a rug, pick one with lighter colors. Babies tend to spill and throw up often, and you don't want you rug ruined after just a few weeks. Lighter colors carpets are easier to clean and stains are less visible when in same color.

Princess themed nursery decor

Finally, you can never go wrong with a princess theme for your baby girl`s nursery. Most of the girls growing up dream of becoming a princess, marrying a prince and living in a big castle.

Go all-out with dresses, pink carpets, drapes, wallpapers and crowns. Maybe add some wall art for inspiration.

  • PRO TIP: The room can become your little girl's castle by adding some princess ornamental details like a glass chandelier.

Final thoughts

When preparing the baby girl’s room for her arrival, think about all the dreams and hopes you had as a little girl and try to envision what you would like your girl to become one day. Until she is old enough to become a doctor, a teacher or a mother herself, let her be a princess, a pilot and a little delicate butterfly.

The key things you need in the baby girl's bedroom are: a crib, a changing table, a rocking chair (for those sleepless nights breastfeeding) and storage. Look for quality furniture that will last as long as it is possible.

When it comes to the theme, follow your heart and pick the one you fell in love with first!

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