20 Awesome Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend Or Wife

Showing love and appreciation shaped in a present is not an easy task. To show your wife or your girlfriend how much you appreciate her and everything she does for you, it would be advisable to avoid simple gifts that seem like you picked them last minute. Even though you may have just googled instead of thinking the gift through, we prepared a list of gifts that give an impression of effort and thoughtfulness.  

Whether it is Christmas morning, a birthday party or just a Tuesday, we will help you show off your gift giving skills with our tips and tricks.

We prepared a list of cute, thoughtful and unique presents for every opportunity and gift giving situation. Impress her with a present that suits her personality, her habits and needs.

You can go with a simple cute gift that may fit her personality or a classic one that can make anybody happy. But, if you truly mean to dazzle her, get her a unique gift that shows your girlfriend or wife just how good of a listener you are. 

If you are looking for a gift idea for your girlfriend or wife, look no more.

5 Birthday Gift Ideas

Birthday's are special occasions that only come once a year, so make them count! These gift ideas will leave a lasting (good great) impression

Golden Watch

A watch is a fashionable accessory and a useful device at the same time. It can be used to lift a new piece of clothing or used as every day instrument. Also, as many women love classical analog watches, some modern women love digital watches that can track her heartbeat and even connect her calls. Without a doubt, your wife's face will definitely light up when you give her a valuable gift of a golden watch as a symbol of your love and loyalty. There is no better “I love you” gift idea than this.

Charm Bracelet

Today, so many Millennial women buy jewelry for themselves, but there is a certain charm in getting jewelry as a present, especially if it is a charm bracelet. It shows your wife or girlfriend you really care about her, because it is a very thoughtful gift. A charm bracelet is a simple silver or gold bracelet with different pendants that can symbolize some of your favorite places or memories (such as trip to Paris or your joint love for cats). This kind of present can be a cute birthday gift idea for a teenage girlfriend or even a gift idea for a long distance girlfriend, served as a token of your true feelings.

Favorite Perfume

Every woman has a signature fragrance, so choosing this present will be a piece of cake for you. All you have to do is find out what her favorite scent is and amaze her with a precious gift in a signature wrapping that will have her feel magical. Furthermore, if you have a picky girlfriend, this can be the perfect gift idea because you are buying a present she already loves and uses.

  • Coffee machine

Everybody loves coffee. So, why not facilitate your wife or girlfriend's life and turn her kitchen into first class espresso bar, with the help of technology? Not only will she be grateful for making her daily coffee preparations easier, but also for providing such a perfect coffee taste on a daily basis.

Fun Board game

Last, but not least, we suggest buying a board game as an interesting and funny birthday present. If your wife or girlfriend is a fun loving person, then what other way to show her that you love spending time with her than with an uncommon, but nevertheless, a wonderful gift. Board games are designed to connect people on different levels, but also just to have a great time.

5 Valentine Day Gift Ideas

How about gifting her something that isn't the same old romantic cliché? These next ideas are perfect for showing her that you care about her wellbeing and personal progress.

Course Subscription

There is no better way to support your wife's ambitions than to surprise her with a payed course or Masterclass subscription of her choice. It can be cooking lessons from Jamie Oliver or an online sewing class she always wanted to enroll. This kind of present will make her feel appreciated, not just at Valentine’s day, but the whole year. Show her your support and encouragement and her gratitude will be priceless.

Wall Art Print

In case you are looking for a special romantic gift for your girlfriend for Valentine’s day, you should consider ordering her a personalized wall print. It can be a representation of how you see her or a caricature of her favorite animal or spirit animal. Free your imagination and surprise her with a marvelous print she can decorate her wall with and look at it every time she misses you. This may also serve as a beautiful graduation gift idea for your girlfriend.

Personal Planner

Another special way to support your wife's new business and ambitions is to buy her a personalized planner. The planner can help her organize her thoughts and plans, but also to help her achieve her goals every day. Apart for being helpful, this beautiful gift will definitely inspire your wife.

Love story book

For most people, it is really hard to express their feelings in words. What better to use in these kind of situations than words of a poet? One of the most romantic Valentine’s day gifts for a girlfriend or wife is definitely a love story book or love poems book. If you want to put in extra effort, read the book yourself and pick one poem that reminds you of your love story and then share it with your loved one.

Relationship Memories Scrapbook

Obviously, if you are the type of people who keeps every concert ticket and collects every note, then making a relationship memories scrapbook can be the cutest, most emotional homemade Valentine’s day gift ever. This scrapbook will be a cherished memory for you two to keep. It can be an affordable, but also romantic and crafty present.

5 Anniversary Gift Ideas

Looking for gifts that celebrate your relationship milestones? Whether it's a 1st year anniversary or a 50 year anniversary, she'll love every one of these!

Designer Sunglasses

Make her feel glamorous wearing a new pair of designer sunglasses. Depending on her style, choose a cat eye shape or a retro type, something that works for any occasion and outfit. These sunglasses will without a doubt be a precious and astonishing gesture.

Luxury Bathrobe

Cotton, furry, warm, cozy, silky, fleece, soft, sexy... these words have one thing in common – they describe the most worn piece of clothes at home. A bathrobe. Some people sleep in it, other people work or cook in it. Nevertheless, you can't go wrong with a bathrobe, as a cute gift for an anniversary. P.S. adding luxury to the list won't hurt.

Special Bottle of Alcohol

Many women enjoy a glass or two of alcohol during lunch or in the evening while relaxing. If your wife or girlfriend is a wine lover, surprise her with a special bottle of Rose or, if she enjoys stronger drinks, grab her s cherry liqueur. You can both relish in it as you remember your first anniversary or your first date on your first anniversary together. Besides, what more can she ask for, right?

Matching pajamas

This year it is all about comfort and matching pajamas can be a perfect addition to your late night movie marathons. Show your wife that you mean business when it comes to spending quality time together and invest in cute matching pajamas with her favorite cartoon character. Also a nice idea for a holiday gift.

Flowers and chocolates

The absolutely all times favorite presents are flowers and chocolates. No matter what kind of a woman your girlfriend or wife is, if you want to make sure you bought the right thing, order her favorite flowers and buy some delicious chocolates. This is definitely a proven method of making your loved one happy. Also, can be a good gift idea for a new girlfriend.

5 Christmas Gift Ideas

Need inspiration for what to buy her during the most wonderful time of the year? Look no further!

Electric Massager

Even though you probably treat your girlfriend to one of your special massages, an electric one can help you both – it will help your beloved girlfriend relieve tension from her body and help you to relax at the same time.

Fashionable Fitness Bag

If your girl is one of the fitness enthusiasts, then set her up with a fancy, yet practical fitness bag. She will take it with her every time she goes to the gym, so make sure it is useful and fashionable, at the same time. Pick one crafted to suit her needs and she will not need another one for years. Gym sacks, backpacks, duffels...that is completely your choice.

Red Wallet

If you are looking for a creative Christmas gift idea, this is it. There is a saying that a red wallet can bring you luck and fortune. Picture that as a gift under the Christmas tree! Surprise your wife or girlfriend with a statement leather red wallet and make this Christmas morning unforgettable.

Me Time Set

To show her how much you value her effort and her as a person, buy her a luxurious self-care set which includes facial cleansing and nourishing products. If you are aiming for total relaxation, go with a whole body set. Extra points go for organic and natural cosmetics.

Awesome Printed T-shirt

Looking for a fun and creative gift for Christmas? An awesome print T-shirt can be a great last minute gift idea, because it is easy to make, but so witty and thoughtful. Alternatively, a print T-shirt can be an elegant addition to her wardrobe, if you decide to go with a personalized print or a beautiful painting print.


No matter what the occasion is, you want to show your wife or girlfriend that you think only and wish only the best for her. That is why you spent a lot of time searching for the perfect present to express your love, loyalty and appreciation. Of course, a sentimental gift can be expensive or hand made. The important thing is that it comes from your heart and you hand-picked it for your loved one.

Hopefully, I've made gift buying a little easier for you!

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