Gift Ideas for a Daughter (21 Ideas for Every Stage in Life)

Love, unconditional support and inspiration – these are, of course, the best gifts you can give your daughter. Nevertheless, sometimes you have to show your appreciation with another kind of gift – a materialistic one. Every generation of girls has a different taste, different wishes and needs. So, think carefully, what does your daughter want for her birthday? Is it a piece of jewelry or a bicycle? It really comes down to her age, free time activities and long-term wishes. 

Not sure what to buy? Don' worry! I've made a list of gifts for every stage of your daughter’s life, both affordable and some more expensive ones. Get inspired and start shopping!

Gift ideas for 3-year-old daughter

1. Hula hoop

Hula hoops are toys known around the world for being amusing and fun for children and adults. Little girls adore this piece of equipment because they practice their abilities and improve their dexterity. Additionally, it is something both you the parent and your child can enjoy spending quality time with. Hula hoops come in many colors and sizes, so play around with your choice. So, if you are looking for a birthdays gift for a 3-year-old daughter, a hula hoop might just do the trick.

2. Dolls

If you are looking for a gift for a 3-year-old daughter, consider buying a doll. Dolls are every girl's most beloved toy, from when they begin to understand toys to when they're probably too big for them. They comb their hair, buy different dresses and uniforms, play with them and carry the dolls everywhere they go. In some ways, little girls identify themselves with these dolls. The best thing about buying a doll is their clothes are interchangeable, so you're set up with gift ideas for the next few occasions, too.


3. Bicycles

They say riding a bicycle is something you never forget, so make the memories of learning how to ride one something your daughter will treasure forever. You can create so many happy and exciting memories and stories with your little girl and the bicycle of her dreams. If you decide on a pink one with a basket in front, a big hug is guaranteed, trust me.

Gift ideas for 6-year-old daughter

4. Board games

Board games are fun designed for several players at once, so this is a present for the whole family. If you are looking for a gift idea for a 6-year-old daughter, this might be the perfect one. Choose something you never played before, so everyone has an equal chance of winning.

5. Make your own jewelry set

DIY presents are a unique gift for your daughter. A make-your-own jewelry set is a great way for awakening creativity and a fun way to spend time together. She can make all sorts of necklaces and bracelets just for the two of you. Remember, the more colorful the better.

6. Roller blades

Similar to bicycles, roller blades are something little girls simply adore. Your daughter will enjoy skating around town in her favorite roller blades. If you choose them as a Christmas gift for a 6-year-old daughter, it'll be a Christmas morning smile is something you'll never forget.

Gift ideas for 13-year-old daughter

7. Reusable water bottle

When your daughter turns 13, she will already be a young teenager looking for some alone time or more time with her friends. That means trips and picnics, excursions and gatherings. Buying a reusable water bottle as a gift for a 13-year-old daughter is a great idea. It's both useful and creative gift. Think about choosing the one with a time marker, so your daughter will be reminded to drink her daily dose of water. On the other hand, if you are searching for a first communion gift for your daughter, then you should go for a higher quality water bottle made of stainless steel that's vacuum insulated.


8. Back-pack

Every once in a while, you might consider taking your children on a fun family trip to go sightseeing or exploring the great outdoors. This means you'll need for a handy back-pack for the adventure essentials, so choosing one with a few pockets will do trick. Of course, since you're shopping for a 13-year-old, maybe include a fun pattern or a cool color.

9. Sneakers

If you are lacking a Christmas gift idea for your teenage daughter, I've got you covered. Most girls wear sneakers every day to school, gym class, gatherings with friends or any other every-day activity. Think about her style and what she'd like to wear so you can pick the perfect sneakers for your 13-year-old. She will definitely make good use of them and enjoy her new shoes.

Gift ideas for18-year-old daughter

10. Make-up brush set

If you're preparing a sweet 16 birthday party for your little girl or an 18-year-old's elegant birthday celebration, I suggest you think about buying a make-up brush set. Your daughter is probably already wearing make-up, so this present will not only show that you support her sense of style and expression, but also help her change her old brush set with a shiny new one.

11. Polaroid camera

Polaroid cameras have been incredibly popular in recent years. You snap a photo and right away the camera prints it out in an iconic polaroid frame. These photos last for years and can create countless memories. It's the perfect gift idea for a 16-year-old or 18-year-old daughter.

12. Shopping spree

Being a father of an 18-year-old is a tough job, but being a father of an 18-year-old girl is even more challenging. To make this a little bit easier for you, I suggest you take her for on shopping spree. Set a budget and let her pick her own clothes while enjoying spending a whole afternoon together. Your daughter will be thankful for the gift and grateful for the time you spent together. It is a perfect gift for a daughter from her dad. 

21st birthday gift ideas for a daughter

13. Books

Loving to read is definitely a superpower. No matter the age, reading a good book is always fun. You can pick a book about your daughter's hobbies or one that based on her favorite movie. Also, consider finding a romantic book or a crime novel. One gift idea, unlimited opportunities. 

14. Gift card

Stuck on finding a specific gifts idea? Go for a gift card from her favorite store. No present says, “I want you to have what you need,” like a gift card. You might think it'll come across like a last minute gift, but it is actually a sensible and useful present.

15. Air pods

If you are in search for father daughter gift ideas, this is a great one. Headphones are a must have for anyone with a smart phone these days (especially your daughter as she listens to her favorite music). While traditional wired headphones get tangled up easily, we now have wireless air pods. Make your daughter's everyday life easier with a set of new, noise cancelling, touch control in-ear air pods. This will make her 21st birthday an even more exciting celebration.

Graduation gift ideas for a daughter

16. Watches

Diamond, gold, smart, stainless steel or analog – whichever watch you decide on buying as a college graduation gift for your daughter, it will definitely be special, sentimental and precious. As a sweet tribute to her college years, get the date and place engraved on the back of the watch, so she can treasure the memories forever.

17. Diamond earrings

Congratulate your daughter on her graduation day with round-cut diamond stud earrings and she will never forget it. You want this precious gift to symbolize the effort she has put into finishing college, but also the amount of pride you feel. Sometimes an expensive piece of jewelry is just the perfect gift for the occasion.

18. Laptop

If you have a high school graduate who is about to start college, buying a laptop as a high school graduation gift for your daughter is not only a generous gift, but also an investment for her future. She will make use of it in all her new educational challenges and opportunities.

Wedding gifts for daughter

19. Personalized Couple Portrait

Last, but not least, you need to pick a perfect gift for your daughter’s wedding day. Is there anything more special and astonishing than a personalized present, made just for her? Before she enters her new life with her loved one, surprise her with unique and magnificent personalized wall art. Also, this may be a perfect gift for the first mother’s day for your daughter, or a gift for your pregnant daughter. She will never forget this thoughtful and unusual gift.

20. Bracelets

When it comes to jewelry gifts, every occasion demands a different piece, so consider buying a designer bracelet as a wedding gift. Furthermore, a bracelet is a beautiful engagement or wedding anniversary gift. Mother-to-daughter wedding gift idea approved!

21. Suitcase set

New beginnings call for new accessories. Some might not consider suitcases accessories, if you choose the ones with a special engraving or a fashionable print, they may as well be. For your adult daughter - someone who travels often and likes to pack as much as possible, a suitcase set is a delightful and appropriate gift.

What are good gifts for a daughter from dad or mom?

No matter the occasion, choosing a gift for your daughter can be a difficult, but rewarding task. If you choose well and surprise your daughter with something she's wanted a long time, you'll have her gratitude. 

Of course, if you are a father, then picking a present for a daughter is even more challenging- guessing her style, wishes and needs may be the hardest challenge yet. Nevertheless, stay focused on the goal and keep these gift ideas list close at hand. I'm sure she'll love them.

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