16 Best Living Room Wall Ideas in 2021

Looking for living room wall ideas? Read on and discover the 16 coolest interior design ideas for your living room walls in 2021!

I know what you’re thinking. A cardboard box has more personality than your living room walls. But fret not, I’m are here to turn those boring white surfaces into a stylish room full of personality!  

I believe it is important to surround yourself with the things you adore because they make you feel like you’re at home. And, you know how the saying goes: the walls of your home are the mirrors to your soul! So show off your personality and taste by making them as awesome and beautiful as you are. AWW.

You see empty walls? I see possibilities. So watch out, inspiration incoming! Keep on reading and find out which are the best wall designs for living room in 2020.

01 Wallpaper

You still think wallpaper can be found only in old grandma’s apartments? Think again! Wallpapers come in many beautiful, stylish designs nowadays. They are also great if you live in a city with high traffic because many varieties are scrubbable.

02 Plants

If you ask me, there can never be enough plants. On the floors, on the shelves, on the walls. You name it, we have it. They are not only beautiful, but they also absorb harmful gases through the pores in their leaves, filtering and cleaning the air you breathe every day.

They don’t only have many health benefits, but they also add bright and lively energy to the room. This makes them one of the best wall décor ideas for your living room!

03 Sports equipment

You’re passionate about tennis, skateboarding, surfing or maybe padel (yup, padel is a sport). Show off your dedication by putting your sports equipment – straight on the wall! Not only will you save up space in that overcrowded storage room, but you will also have a cool topic to talk about when your friends or date come over.

But most importantly, you’ll be surrounded by the things that you love and that make you feel energized. And we definitely need more of that (especially before our morning coffee).  

04 Mirrors

Mirrors produce the illusion of a bigger space which makes them perfect for decorating small living rooms. They also reflect light which makes the room feel brighter and airier.

Also, you don’t have to go all the way to the bathroom to fix your hair. Or to notice that piece of salad stuck between your teeth. Win, win, win! It is obvious why mirrors are some of the most popular wall ideas for living rooms.

05 Photographs

Our life is a beautiful story. But we often forget about this. Why not remind yourself of it every day by hanging your photos on the wall? Photographs are a great and inexpensive way to personalize your room to the maximum.

Browse through your computer to find the pics that remind you of your most special moments. Print them and stick them on the wall with some sticky tape! This makes photographs one of the simplest wall decorating ideas for living rooms.

06 Bookshelf

A bookshelf is great even if you don’t have that many books (we both love you and hate you, Kindle!). You can make the bookshelf as tall as the wall and store literally anything there.

Free up those drawers and fill up those shelves! If you’re looking for the most practical living room wall decoration idea, you’ve got it right here.

07 Stacked books

A bookshelf sounds like too much work? Go super-hipster and simply stack a bunch of old books on top of each other. It is not the most stable solution in the world (beware of staggering children and curious jumpy cats). But it sure as hell looks cool.  

08 World map

You’re quite the globetrotter, aren’t you? Well why not show off your passion for traveling on your own living room wall! Add pins to the places you’ve visited to remind yourself of all the beautiful memories you’ve collected there.

You’re quite the globetrotter, aren’t you? Well why not show off your passion for traveling on your own living room wall! Add pins to the places you’ve visited to remind yourself of all the beautiful memories you’ve collected there.

It will not only keep you positive and motivated, but it will also be a great conversation starter for your guests. A world map is definitely one of the most fun living room wall designs out there.

09 Souvenirs from travels

Remember that samurai sword you brought from Japan? Or that wooden dragon from Thailand? Hang it up on the wall! Your drawers are probably full of beautiful memories from your travels. Why not free up some space and show off those amazing souvenirs from your trips?

10 Whiteboard or chalkboard

Having problems staying organized? Me too! If only there was a way for someone to keep on screaming in our face all the things we have to do during the day. Hmm, who could do that? A whiteboard hanged in our living room definitely could!

You can write down the list of groceries for today’s shopping or your weekend schedule. But one thing is sure, it will be difficult to miss it!

A chalkboard will give your room a rustic, back-to-school feel. While a whiteboard is the contemporary alternative, ideal for modern wall décor. And as mind-boggling as it sounds, whiteboards don’t come just in white color. Choose any color and shade that fits your room and mood!

11 Draw on the walls

You’ve got an artistic friend? Or an aunt that took up painting classes? Let them paint on your walls! Yes, it sounds scary. But it also produces a beautiful effect that makes you feel like you’re living inside of a piece of art.

Because now your walls literally became… art! This is definitely one of the more daring wall decoration ideas for the living room. But it will make your room stand out 100%.

Artist: Lilit Sarkisian

12 Children’s art

Your kid might not be the next Da Vinci, but nevertheless, why not make him feel like he is? Hang your children’s drawings on the walls to inspire them to be creative and to show your appreciation for them.

They will surely be thrilled about it, and your room will have a personalized, quirky and playful feel that only children’s drawings can accomplish. This is a living room wall design in its most fun form!

13 Fabric

You have your grandma’s pashmina, an old Turkish rug or an antic tapestry – collecting dust somewhere in the attic? Show off that beautiful fabric! Hang it on the wall and watch how the color and the pattern of the fabric add a sense of softness to the space.

You can even frame the fabric to keep it from collecting dust and make it stand out even more. For a more modern wall design, print any pattern that you like on a piece of fabric. I really love mandalas!

14 Illuminated artwork

If you want your artwork to really stand out, place a light over a work of art to illuminate it. It’s a bit extra work, but you’re really adding life and sophistication to the piece. Do it for that one piece of art that is most special to you.

The light will always draw everyone’s attention to it and you’re surely going to get a lot of questions and compliments about it. Also, your living room will look like a proper museum!

15 Art prints

Macaroon Girl art print by Irena Sophia

Prints are an inexpensive way to bring classy artistic elements into your home. Go for a copy of a famous painting like the Mona Lisa and make yourself feel like you’re living in the Louvre. Or better yet, create your personalized mini museum by choosing lesser known art pieces.

What is important though is to choose the ones that reflect your personality, style and philosophy in life. You will feel more comfortable in a home that really reflects who you are! Check out Irena Sophia for dreamy illustrations of delicate but daring female characters. 

16 Organized gallery wall

Faithful Friends series by Irena Sophia

You’re keeping your Instagram feed organized and stylish. Why not do the same with your living room walls? Organized thematically, your living room walls really start to look like a museum exhibition. Or an Instagram feed of a famous influencer!

It shows you’ve put a lot of thought into home décor because an organized gallery wall creates that sense of unity and coherence in the style of your home.

We suggest you to look for paintings that are part of an “art series.” This means they have a similar style and theme, so they naturally create this coherent effect. Check out the Faithful Friends series by Irena Sophia if you like animals, or Forest Songs if you like nature!

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