20 Birthday Present Ideas for Your Girl Best Friend [Purchased vs. DIY gifts]

What do women want? Read on to find the answer to that question!

Every once in a while, the special women in our lives celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, weddings etc. That’s the time to show them how special they really are to us. How? With a gift, of course!

Have you ever thought to yourself: what should I get my friend for her birthday, that’s both creative and unique? Finding a perfect gift for a woman who seems to have it all is easier said than done.

Whether you want to surprise your best friend, mother, girlfriend, wife or a special female friend – I have the perfect gift ideas for you! Choose one or more from our list of top 20 perfect birthday gift ideas for HER.

Gifts you can purchase VS. DIY gifts for her

Make sure you pay attention to details. Is she a craft lover or a diamond girl? Would she like to receive a lovely card filled with warm feelings and love notes or is she more of a material girl? Either way, here are some tips and trick that will help you choose and decide on the perfect gift.

Quick & easy gifts for your female friends

Some people say that it is a greater feeling to give, than to receive. 

Nevertheless, gift shopping can come with plenty of anxiety. Even if you think you know that special women in your life, finding the perfect present can be overwhelming. And why is that so? For example, we want one item to say “thank you for everything, mom“, but, at the same time – what object can show so much appreciation? 

On the other hand, we want our special female friend to think of the lingerie as a gift with the message – “I think you would look great in this”, but if you get the size wrong… I wouldn’t like to be in your shoes.

The lucky lady in your life deserves only the best – find something that is equally thoughtful and creative, something that fits her age and hobbies, something that just looks like her cup of tea.

The smile on her face when she gets the perfect gift

The best gift is a combination of unique and thoughtful. What does that mean? It means that you want to get the women in your life an item (one or more) that feels really personal, but is also useful. 

The present should fit within the following 3 things: 

  • budget 
  • message
  • usefulness

Your budget can be the starting point of choosing the gift for your best friend.

If you are able to spend without concern, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should just buy a diamond necklace. Think of investing your money into a good quality of something that is long lasting. Put your money to good use with a personalized portrait, which represents both quality and uniqueness.. 

On the other hand, if you are on a tight budget, don’t worry. You can always make a scrapbook filled with memories and poems that can mean more to a person than any piece of jewelry.

Delivering the right message means that you should really think about the person you are buying the present for – does my mother really need another cook book? Is my sister using her previous yoga mat? Will my lover think I do not value her if I buy her lingerie? Decide on the message you want to send with your present and that will guide you to the right present.

You don`t want to give your female best friend a gift that she will use maybe once and never again. You want the gift to be useful and that it meets her personal needs perfectly.

If you don’t have time to visit shopping malls and find your inspiration in window shopping, brace yourself. To reduce your gift shopping stress, I’ve prepared the perfect quick & easy gift ideas for any budget: from the cheapest to the most expensive ones. Let us inspire you.

1. Slippers

You can′t really go wrong with a comfortable pair of slippers, especially now when we spend hours and hours at home. 

Slippers come in all kinds of shapes and colors and warm feet are the ultimate gift, if you ask us.

Nothing beats luxury foot comfort

2. Plants

More lasting than a bouquet of flowers, less needy than a pet. Plants bring cosiness to the room and, in a way, reflect a person’s character. That’s why I’ve choose between plants that are high maintenance and those that you can’t really kill.

If you are looking for a plant that needs a lot of attention, choose something like the Orchid or Gardenia. But, if your friend is one of those people who usually forget they have a living being in their home, choose a Cactus or Bamboo.

House plants can also help brighten her mood!

3. Mugs

Is your female friend a coffee or a tea person? It doesn’t really matter when it comes to mugs. The important thing is that it has a comfortable handle and enough volume for her favorite beverage.

Find one in her favorite color or an illustration that matches her personality, so she can have a boost of inspiration with every sip.

4. Pajamas

When it comes to sleeping, every woman needs at least one girlie set of pajamas. We use them every night and they are supposed to be the most comfortable piece(s) in our wardrobe. So, keep in mind that you are looking for something airy, warm or silky, comfortable, stretchy and simply relaxing.

A piece of advice: choose a calming color to bring her mind to ease before sleep.

Good for sleeping or jumping on the bed

5. Books

Buying a book for someone is not easy, especially if it is your girlfriend or lover. 

Try to think about the topics she shows interest in and apply it to the book genre or surprise her with a topic of your choice that to think she may come to like. 

Do some research. What are the bestsellers now and what reading can be useful for her at the moment. For example, if she is going to be a mother soon, pick a book that explains some situations in motherhood she has not encountered before. Or if she is studying history, buy her an interesting and exciting book about unsolved historic mysteries.

Also, adventure novels are always a good choice.

Don’t forget the bookmark!

6. Blankets

Blankets are definitely one way of replacing your best friend’s hug. If you want your female friend to think of you when she feels comfortable, warm and cozy, a blanket is the way to go.

It can be a beautiful addition to your best friend’s decor in the living room, but also a personal comfort while watching late night movies. Also, think about the material the blanket is made of: would she prefer wool, cotton, knit etc.

Perfect for napping

7. Phone cases

Bear in mind the type of phone your female best friend has and try to choose a case in her style, something you can imagine her having.

You can order a case that matches her personality and brings out her inner character. Phone cases are something we change from time to time, but if it has a deeper meaning, maybe it will become a prized possession.

8. Wall Decor Posters

Remind your best friend that you are always thinking of her, even when you are apart, with the perfect wall art poster. You can gift it framed (or unframed, if she has her own) so that’s its ready to hang on her wall. This kind of a present can be very thoughtful, special and inspiring.

9. Perfume

If you are buying a birthday gift for a female best friend, then think about what kind of scents she likes. Is she more of a warm note type or a fresh aroma lover? 

There are several types of perfumes and notes: floral, woody, fruity, oriental, citrus etc. Floral notes are romantic, oriental and exotic. Fruity notes are adorable and citrus brings freshness. Pick a perfume that reminds you of her and show her that you care.

A wonderful fragrance

10. Jewelry

“It’s the thought that counts.“ Well, not for diamond lovers.

Every woman dreams of getting diamonds or pearls at least once in her life. Why not for this occasion?

Jewelry is often used to emphasize a certain part of male or female body. Women with long necks tend to wear necklaces more often than other women. But, jewelry isn`t only a decorative piece. It also represents tradition and heritage. 

So, between bracelets, necklaces and earrings, gold, silver and platinum – choose a unique piece of jewelry for your lady friend and watch her wear it with pride.

They’re forever, right?

DIY (homemade) gifts for your best friend

What’s a better way to say Happy Birthday to your best friend than with a personally made gift? When it comes to DIY gifts, the main goal is to be creative and unique. Whatever you decide to craft and make your own, is sure to delight any giftee.

Some research shows that giving an experience as a gift can foster stronger relationships than material items. So think of the time your best friend was the happiest and remind her of that time with some pictures or years old saved concert tickets. Make a memorable present with your own hands. 

1. Cards

There is no better way to express your feelings, than writing a special card for your bff`s birthday. 

You can write a song or just a simple text with your thoughts and wishes. Make sure you tell her how important she is to you and that she is a gift in your life every day.

If you want to involve humor, make a drawing or remind her of a funny incident you two had and she will look forward to reading the card over and over again.

No, thank you!

2. Memory Jar

Use an old jar from your pantry and fill it with memories from your trips, your parties or just your everyday mischief. Put in some photographs, notes, concert tickets, magnets or what ever you want. The important thing is that it brings back happy moments and positive feelings.

You can also write a note on the outside of the jar. Something like: “revisit me when you are feeling nostalgic.”

It will be a beautiful treasury for her to visit when ever she feels the need.

Cherish your memories


If she is a book worm, make a cute bookmark for her to use so she will think of you every time she sees it. Making this present is an easy job for anyone. You just need a piece of paper, scissors, some colors and your imagination. Write quotes, cut shapes, add buttons or some paper clips, draw or stitch. Whatever you do, keep it fun and personal.

How many avid readers do you know?

4. Homemade fragrances 

Home fragrances are a welcome guest in many homes, but not all people are fans of artificial scents. Homemade fragrances, such as potpourri contain less or no harmful ingredients, which can be very useful for people with allergies or asthma. 

For your female best friend, be creative and mix her favorite fruits, flowers or herbs and create a unique fragrance. Fill her home with a fresh, inviting scent.

Freshen up the whole house

5. Magnets

Magnets are something we see every day, as many times as we open the fridge. They may not be so useful, but they can at least bring a smile on your best friend’s face.

Use pictures of you two and make funny or romantic little memories worth looking at. Create a bottle opener for a woman who always needs one or make a notebook magnet for all the checklists one household may need.

Remember that trip to Hawaii?

6. Scrapbooks

Using old pictures, theatre tickets, bus passes and candy bags for a scrap book is a thoughtful gift that she will appreciate! It requires a lot of creativity, imagination and ideas to put together such a book that contains so many memories. This scrapbook can be whatever you want it to be.

For the artistic ones

So, buy an empty notebook or use an old book you decided you don’t need anymore and start cutting, taping and writing.

7. Flower Surprise

Use her favorite flowers to create a big flower initial (of her name, of course) or decorate a jewelry box. Your best friend, girlfriend or lover will definitely remember it!

You can also just pick flowers yourself and arrange them in some kind of a bouquet. The more colors, the better.

Use 3 types for the best look

8. Candy cake

Now, it is time for a candy shopping spree! Buy everything your female best friend likes and make a big cake for her birthday party.

You can make layers of chocolate candy bars and top them with sweets or you can just layer her favorite cookies and donuts in the shape of a cake.

Hopefully we don’t end up eating too many of these before the summer!

9. Photo Albums

Make her feel extra special and make a photo album for her birthday. It is a lovely way to walk through a memory lane of your childhood or your nowadays adventures. Nothing says thoughtful gift more than meaningful photographs inside of an album. Write the date and place under every photo or maybe just a thought that will remind you and your best friend of those happy times.

A blast from the past

10. Decorative Pillows

Make a personalized pillow with your picture or saying that brings a smile to her face. 

Every time she puts her head on it, she will be reminded of you and the message you sent with this gift.

Best friends forever

What to buy my best friend for her birthday?

So, I showed you some ideas for sentimental gifts to get for your best friend for her birthday. 

Think of all your best friend’s needs and habits and surprise her with the best birthday gift ever. Keep in mind her favorite colors, memories, food and shops and let your imagination do the rest. 

One of our ideas is bound to become her most treasured present this year.

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