How to decorate a tiny house on a budget + Best tiny house accessories

On a budget? No problem!

You’ve been obsessed with tiny houses for ages and you finally saved up enough but your budget is tight? Don’t give up, you will just have to be more creative with how you spend your money.

Use what you have

You lived in a normal-sized house and how you think most of your furniture is too big. That may be true but that doesn’t mean you can’t refurbish it. Not only is that better for the environment it’s also better for your wallet. If you have a huge bookshelf, cut it up and make a smaller one. All the wood that you have can be reused and you will be able to make furniture completely customizable to your needs!

Ask Friends and Family to Help

Before you embark on this journey of downsizing you will probably have to become a DIY expert. If you have a family member that loves to do some woodworking now is the time to get on their good side.

You should probably prepare yourself for watching hours on end of Youtube videos!

If you know what you are doing, that’s even better but you don’t have to do it all alone. Ask for help in finding a place to build or for borrowing the necessary tools.

Find Reclaimed or Surplus Materials

This is the best way to save money. Save on building materials by scouring used building supply businesses, check on local vacant houses that are set to be deconstructed, or even any construction site ( but ask them first).

Start reclaiming wood months before you start building to ensure you have the best materials you want and all the wood you need.

Build smaller

The smaller you build, the less money you will spend on materials. Do you really need a bigger tiny house?

Perhaps an 18-foot Tiny House is better for your shoestring budget. Adhere to the saying: “If you build it, you will fill it.” The larger the house, the more belongings you will have. Building a smaller abode will save you more money in the long run.

Install less

Small appliances can take up a lot of your budget fast, especially when you’re not buying the small versions but the extra small ones. Do you really need a microwave or a tiny dishwasher?  Would you be able to settle for washing your dishes by hand? These are all very important questions to ask yourself when building your house.  Opt for buying used appliances or try to live without.

Being creative and resourceful is exactly what will help you stay on budget and make all your tiny dreams come true. Plus you get the satisfaction of being able to say that you built a house.

Tiny house accessories

From inspirational mugs to the tiniest kitchen appliances known to man, these suggestions will give you more perspective on what you could splurge on to make your house feel like a home. Personally, I’m a huge fan of this Superhero Reader mug – not only is reading my secret superpower, it’s also great for morning coffee!

Whirlpool Tiny Microwave

This sleek microwave’s unique rounded back allows it to fit into corners, making it ideal for tight spaces like small kitchens.

It’s absolutely adorable.

Metal shelves set

These shelves are perfect for someone who doesn’t have space for their plants but absolutely needs them in their house. Plus we talked about versatile decorating and this is exactly that!

An Awesome Chandelier

Just as an example let’s take a look at this amazing fairytale-esque  Chandelier that makes all your childhood dreams come true.  Investing in really cool lighting is something that everyone should do.

And this is just one of many amazing pieces that the Chairish website offers.

We have already said that your house is a reflection of your personality so let the accessories be too.  If you want some really funky looking stairs and you want to paint each stair a different color do so. Do you want to be living in a house full of tiny art pieces? Do it!  Invest in yourself and if you love your house you’re gonna love doing everything in it.

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