Decorating ideas for your tiny house

Need help and ideas on how to decorate your tiny house? We have all the tips you need!

When you commit yourself to a smaller space it doesn’t mean you need to think small too. The key to a tiny house is to know how to save space. It can be challenging to be efficient and stylish at the same time.  We have never shied away from a challenge and neither should you. Whether you’re decorating small spaces on a budget or want cute home ideas.  We have gathered our favorite tips and ideas to help you tackle any obstacle no matter how tiny it may be.

Get ready to Pin all these tips and transform your small space into a comfortable, stylish oasis. A place where you and your house guests hang out. When it's done, you'll love it so much that you'll never want to leave it.

Tips & tricks for decorating your small house

Let's start small and simple. First, you need some easy well-known tricks that will instantly change up your space!

Use Mirrors

One of the oldest tricks in the book. Mirrors also reflect both natural and artificial light.  That means they make a room brighter during the day and night. Placing a mirror near a window to reflect the world outside is especially effective.

Creative Storage

The most essential part of making a small space work is storage. That means you will need to get creative.  The ceiling, the floor, under the stairs, under the bed, every nook and cranny you can think of; make it storage.

Folding pieces

You may need a desk and a dining table, but do you really need them 24-7? Instead, think about installing furnishings that can fold up when not in use. You’ll free up floor space and avoid inevitable clutter. If you have a one-wall kitchen, folding doors can conceal clutter when not in use.

Let in the Light

Nothing makes your space feel bigger and brighter than natural light. It's best not to obstruct the path of light by eliminating unnecessary solid surfaces. Also, be mindful of what type of curtains you chose. The rails you chose should be long enough to leave the window space clear when the curtains are pulled apart.

With all these effective tips you are guaranteed success. Not only will it make your space more stylish but enhance the illusion that it is bigger and if you lack natural light, brighter!

How NOT to decorate the interior of a small house

Now that we covered the do’s let’s move on to the things that will make your space something you just want to escape. When it should be your personal oasis.

If it’s too big, it’s just too big

Let’s say you have that one favorite sofa chair you bought when you were in college at a yard sale.  It was the best part of your old place, but now you’ve downsized and it just doesn’t fit without using up too much space. If it is not essential to your place it’s not something you need. Clutter is your worst enemy and now your favorite chair is too.

Ignoring awkward spaces

We all know about that one awkward corner in your house that you keep ignoring hoping it’ll go away. Don’t shy away from it. Make it a storage space or if it’s next to a window? Hello, window seat aesthetic.

DON’T be afraid to think big

Just because your space is small doesn’t mean you have to just throw all style and aesthetics in the wind. Make it your own, if you like patterns and funky designs don’t shy away from them. The last thing you need is a small space that doesn’t feel like it’s your own, so just have fun with it!

Photo Tonka by Irena Sophia

With these tips, we might save you from making some mistakes and help you correct others. Moving on from general tips, let's focus on the living room. Some might even say the living room is the essence of your house.

When even what is supposed to be your biggest space is tiny, it’s hard to try and make it seem big, light, and flowy. BUT, thank god we live in the incredible age of the internet. Getting stuck means you just hop onto Pinterest.  If you end up wasting half your day on a board dedicated only to decorative pillows, that's okay too.

Jokes aside, if you need tips and tricks, we got them.

If you’re one of those people who like their house to be connected and not have every room stand for itself, the most important room is the living room. It is the centerpiece of the space and is what brings it all together.

Light wall colors

The soft background color will let the light flow in and visually make the space wider. If you want to be a bit bolder you can always use one wall as an accent wall and put some kind of pattern on it.

Armless is the way to go

Every inch matters, so armless chairs can be a big part of your saving space. Their slender-by-inches footprint can make the difference between enough seating and overcrowded.

Extra points if you make it multipurpose.

Ottomans as coffee tables

A multipurpose ottoman is exactly the kind of thing you need in a small space. Coffee tables are usually angular and they can go very quickly from a cute thing you bought on sale to something you keep bumping into and then hopping around in a silent scream because you once again, stubbed your toe.

Roof windows

You got a tiny house and now you can go anywhere with it right? So why not take advantage of the fact that you can park where you decide is best.  Because at the end of the day you can sit down and look up and see the stars. A big plus is also, when the summertime comes it will increase your ventilation letting air flow through all parts of the house.

Don’t forget about art

Space isn’t your space until you have hung up pieces that fit you and reflect your personality. A house will be a house until you make it feel like home. So put up a frame even if it's the only one you have, we guarantee it’ll make it homier.

Tiny house furniture ideas

As we all know the best furniture for any small space is multipurpose and or offers extra storage. Luckily today you can find all sorts of multipurpose furniture wherever you look. All you need to do is adapt it to your needs.

Arm Rest Tray Table Stand with Side Storage Slot

That’s a mouthful!

Starting on the smaller side, this stand is free-standing and can be used anywhere around the house. Extra points for being cool as hell and supporting small businesses.

Elevator bed

Now if this seems like the best thing you have seen all day, you’re going to have to buckle up for some DIY. But with the instructions from Anna White on her website, everything is possible.

Custom Food Cubes Storage Shelf

You can get custom food storage made by a wonderfully talented man named Paul on Etsy. Contacting him, he will specifically design this type of storage for your kitchen and your needs.

When trying to decide on what kind of furniture you want in your tiny house, the possibilities are endless. Especially when you account in small businesses and the never-ending Pinterest boards dedicated to all the types of stairs and shelves you can install. Think big and don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and try some DIY.

Tiny house accessories

From shelves to put your favorite knick-knacks in, to the tiniest kitchen appliances known to man, these suggestions will give you a bit more perspective on what you could splurge on to make your house feel like a home.

Whirlpool Tiny Microwave

This sleek microwave's unique rounded back allows it to fit into corners, making it ideal for tight spaces like small kitchens.

It’s absolutely adorable.

Metal shelves set

These shelves are perfect for someone who doesn’t have space for their plants but absolutely needs them in their house. Plus we talked about versatile decorating and this is exactly that!

An Awesome Chandelier

Just as an example let’s take a look at this amazing fairytale-esque  Chandelier that makes all your childhood dreams come true.  Investing in really cool lighting is something that everyone should do.

And this is just one of many amazing pieces that the Chairish website offers.

We have already said that your house is a reflection of your personality so let the accessories be too.  If you want some really funky looking stairs and you want to paint each stair a different color do so. Do you want to be living in a house full of tiny art pieces? Do it!  Invest in yourself and if you love your house you’re gonna love doing everything in it.

How to decorate the ceiling of small spaces

If you feel like your ceiling is boring and simple and you want to change it up we got some advice for you.

Paint it the same color as the walls

In small spaces, painting the ceiling the same color as the walls can make the room feel larger.

Add some small decorative wood moldings

Small decorative wood moldings are inexpensive. With a bit of paint or stain and a touch of hot glue, a ceiling can easily be transformed into the most interesting feature of a space.

And if you have a low ceiling we didn’t forget about you either!

Paint some stripes

Vertical stripes create the illusion of height by drawing your gaze upward. To add a little height to your walls, try a bold, striped wallpaper like this one. For an even more personalized touch, consider painting vertical stripes in the color of your choice.

DIY is your best friend here, save a buck and watch some Youtube videos on how to paint your walls yourself. The effort alone will make it feel 10 times more worth it.

Flooring ideas for small spaces

There is a fine line between cozy and cramped. Choosing a wood floor for a small room presents several unique challenges. The biggest challenge is being able to balance out your compromises, function, and aesthetic. This will be a question you will ask yourself constantly.

How are you supposed to choose something interesting and fun but being able to avoid it looking visually cluttered? Here are a few design tips to help you maximize the potential of any space.


When choosing a color scheme, keep in mind this simple artist’s rule:  cool colors recede and warm colors advance. There is a common misconception that dark wood floors should never be used in a small room as they cause it to feel cramped. While dark colors can make a room feel smaller, it is not true that dark woods should be avoided altogether.

If you love dark wood floors, offset them with lighter, cooler tones in your walls and furniture. The contrast of light and dark will be both visually striking and prevent the room from feeling claustrophobic.

Use Vertical Space

Room for practical necessities is more limited in smaller areas. Take advantage of empty walls. Hanging shelves and cupboards free up floor space, and the more of your floor is exposed, the larger the room will feel. Of course, walls shouldn’t only be used functionally. An excellent way to create visual interest without creating clutter is to incorporate repeating motifs both horizontally and vertically. Using the same subtle border or accent pattern on both the floor and the walls can generate a dynamic unity while taking up very little space.

Furnishing and decorating a small house on a budget

You’ve been obsessed with tiny houses for ages and you finally saved up enough but your budget is tight? Don’t give up, you will just have to be more creative with how you spend your money.

Use what you have

You lived in a normal-sized house and how you think most of your furniture is too big. That may be true but that doesn’t mean you can’t refurbish it. Not only is that better for the environment it’s also better for your wallet. If you have a huge bookshelf, cut it up and make a smaller one. All the wood that you have can be reused and you will be able to make furniture completely customizable to your needs!

Ask Friends and Family to Help

Before you embark on this journey of downsizing you will probably have to become a DIY expert. If you have a family member that loves to do some woodworking now is the time to get on their good side. 

You should probably prepare yourself for watching hours on end of Youtube videos!

Find Reclaimed or Surplus Materials

This is the best way to save money.  Save on building materials by scouring used building supply businesses, check on local vacant houses who are set to be deconstructed or even any construction site ( but ask them first.)

Start reclaiming wood months before you start building to ensure you have the best materials you want and all the wood you need.

Build smaller

The smaller you build, the less money you will spend on materials. Do you really need a bigger tiny house?

Perhaps an 18-foot Tiny House is better for your shoestring budget. Adhere to the saying: “If you build it, you will fill it.” The larger the house, the more belongings you will have. Building a smaller abode will save you more money in the long run.

Install less

Small appliances can take up a lot of your budget fast, especially when you’re not buying the small versions but the extra small ones. Do you really need a microwave or a tiny dishwasher?  Would you be able to settle for washing your dishes by hand? These are all very important questions to ask yourself when building your house.  Opt for buying used appliances or try to live without.

Now that you know all the tips and tricks to have a perfect tiny house that fits your design needs, all you need to do is get to work and make that small house a small home!

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